Mindy Kaling’s In-Depth LA Times Interview
Comedian Mindy Kaling (who we just named number three on our “Hottest Female Comedian” feature) recently  sat down with the L.A. Times and talked about her hit show “The Office” as well as her new book Is Everybody Hanging Out... [Read More]
Amy Poehler on Board as Web Series “Broad City” Moves to FX
Comedian Amy Poehler may be busy starring on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” but that hasn’t stopped her from signing up to work on the hilarious web series “Broad City” with FX. Poehler will executive produce and di... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler’s new TV gigs, Diablo Cody revamping ‘Sweet Valley High’
Amidst all the uproar of the most recent half-naked picture of Kristen Wiig in GQ for being “bro of the year” and the NY Times letting the whole world know that female comedians are pushing the boundaries of taste and succeeding, there i... [Read More]
Pete O’Neil likes to think big. The Managing Director of the Sebastian Comedy Society and the brand new Ft. Lauderdale Comedy Club has every intention to bring the Ft. Lauderdale Comedy Retreat to the next level. He wants the annual event to b... [Read More]
Photo challenge: Can you name everyone in Chelsea Handler’s posse?
The easiest way to judge whether a television show is successful is to take a look at its ratings. The higher, the better if you didn’t know. Another tell-tale sign a show is doing well: when a completely separate second show about the making of the ... [Read More]
GQ names Kristen Wiig ‘bro’ of the year, posts half naked photo (to show her like a bro)
It seems every now and again, GQ tries to act like they give a shit about comedy. In July, a half-naked Mila Kunis adorned the cover of their fourth annual comedy issue. It was a progressive step, I guess, because men usually end up on the comedy iss... [Read More]
Listen: Jim Norton, Tom Papa, Colin Quinn and more talk Thanksgiving on SiriusXM
Thanksgiving is only two days away, comedy fans. And SiriusXM has got your covered. Starting on Thursday at 1 pm ET on Raw Dog Comedy, channel 99 (my favorite comedy channel on SiriusXM), comedian Pete Dominick will host the Raw Dog Thanksgiving Spec... [Read More]
Tony Rock talks hosting Jamie Foxx’s “Showtime at the Apollo” and being Chris’ brother
This past summer, comedian and Hollywood powerhouse Jamie Foxx announced that he would be bringing back the iconic variety program Showtime at the Apollo. And just recently we learned that comedian Tony Rock was handpicked by Foxx to host the re-vamp... [Read More]
Comedian photography book explores Louis C.K., Amy Poehler, David Cross and more
The holiday season is upon us– and with it, all the anxiety that goes with shopping for your favorite picky people. If you know a few comedy nerds, however, — in addition to a whole row of amazing comedy albums that came out this year ... [Read More]
Watch comedian Owen Benjamin set world record for visiting most airports
Comedian Owen Benjamin is getting on a plane. Actually, Benjamin will be boarding many planes– as many as he can in a month’s time in order to set a new world record for the most airports visited in 30 days by a passenger. His Funny on the Fly ... [Read More]