Bridesmaids and other comedies will represent strong at the Oscars
And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to…Kristen Wiig! Best Actor…Patton Oswalt! Best Picture…Bridesmaids! Or so we wish. The Oscar nominations came in this morning and it was a great year for comedy in film! This year, the Academy will recognize many ... [Read More]
Jay Leno Offends Sikh Community with Mitt Romney Joke (Video)
Comedian Jay Leno has rubbed many in the Indian community the wrong way with a controversial joke directed at the wealth of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In an attempt to make fun of how much money Mitt has, Leno showed successive pi... [Read More]
Ben Stiller Signs up for Family Comedy on HBO
Actor Ben Stiller is jumping aboard the HBO team to be part of a new comedy pilot titled All Talk. Stiller will star, direct and executive produce the project from acclaimed novelist Jonathan Safran Foer (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Everythi... [Read More]
Religious group’s outrage over Jay Leno’s Mitt Romney is a bit overblown
Jay Leno, as much as he takes flak from audiences and comedians alike, generally isn’t on the receiving end of critique for particularly edgy or offensive jokes. Sure, he’s had his share of Tonight Show-related debacles, but Leno doesn’t have a reput... [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me” to be Shown at Sundance Film Festival
Mike Birbiglia is perhaps one of the best story telling comedians in the business. His routine is one big continuous tale which revolves around the many medical difficulties he’s had to endure and overcome. He’s suffered from learning dis... [Read More]
Comedy booker slammed for shady dealings tells his side of the story
Back in October, we reported about a comedy booker from Sioux Falls, SD. His name is Brian Eugene Abrahamson and, according to industry sources, he had ripped off a handful of comedians– promising them a flat rate to perform and then ended up p... [Read More]
Last Day at the 9th Annual Charleston Comedy Festival
Nothing beats a good comedy festival. The people of Charleston, South Carolina, were  busy the last four days as they were treated to a great mixture of wonderful humor. Saturday is the last day of the festival and visitors will have the option to se... [Read More]
Comedian Kathy Griffin Undresses in Front of David Letterman (Video)
One thing we’ve learned from comedian Kathy Griffin over the years is she’s not shy, whether its vajazzling her vajay or stripping next to Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve. Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, after wa... [Read More]
Tim and Eric will answer your questions on Reddit
I’m ridiculously thankful that sites like Wikipedia and Reddit are back online following their Jan. 18 blackout protest of SOPA and PIPA, two bills that threaten the open Internet. Why am I so thrilled? Aside from the fact that I can once again procr... [Read More]
Disney stand-up comedian at the center of sexual assault lawsuit
Despite the over-sexualized teen queens pumped out by the network, when most people think of the Disney Channel, they don’t think of sexual harassment. However, the Walt Disney Company is being sued for sexual assault, battery, negligence, negligent... [Read More]