Jerry Seinfeld will be the first to replace Regis Philbin on “Live With Regis and Kelly”
No doubt you all know that Regis Philbin is set to leave his long-standing co-hosting duties on the nationally syndicated morning chat show Live With Regis and Kelly. And as is the tradition with said show, a stream of guest hosts will fill the void ... [Read More]
Fox orders new episodes of Bob’s Burgers
Fox’s Sunday night has long become the big animation night on TV, thanks to some cartoon juggernauts like The Simpsons and Family Guy. They added Bob’s Burgers to the docket at the beginning of this year, and, fortunately for burger fans nationwide, ... [Read More]
Carlos Mencia addresses weight loss onstage: I don’t have AIDS, he jokes
Believe it or not, Carlos Mencia is the 17th of 18 children, and was born in Honduras. As an infant he was sent to the US to be raised by an aunt and uncle in the Maravilla Projects in Los Angeles,” but went back to Honduras as a teenager to ge... [Read More]
South By Southwest expands their comedy reach; Janeane Garofalo calls it “a natural fit”
Good news, comedy fans. It looks like like super music, arts and hipster festival SXSW will be expanding its comedy reach in 2012. Although the word “comedy” isn’t on the official list of arts the Austin, TX event covers – music, film, interactive is... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope wants dual-citizenship in Iceland
In early August, we let you know about comedian Doug Stanhope’s plans to perform stand-up at a prison in Iceland. Well,the deed has been done and by Stanhope’s account, it was an amazing journey, despite his performance, which “sucked shit” – his wor... [Read More]
Comedians hand out free show tickets to Occupy Wall Street protestors
You guys, aren’t comedians just the best people ever? Watch your black and white backs, nuns – the bar on do-good-ery has just been significantly raised by comedian John Fugelsang and the rest of the Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour. Following the savage po... [Read More]
Rainn Wilson and Del Taco: major Twitter mistake or brilliant marketing scheme?
Did you see Office star Rainn Wilson’s tweet, wherein he disparages the food at Del Taco, a fast-food Mexican restaurant chain? If not, here’s what happened. Wilson, accidentally (presumably accidentally) tweeted the following out to his ... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt Serves as Guest Editor for SPIN Magazine
Comedian Patton Oswalt definitely put his abilities to good use in his stint as guest editor for SPIN magazine’s very first “funny issue,” which hit newsstands yesterday. SPIN magazine is just one publication that has recently dedic... [Read More]
All-comedy FM radio station launches
A new radio station in Austin, TX called Comedy 102.7 launched and plans to offer round-the-clock comedy content. According to Austin360 programming will include classic stand-up routines from legends such as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Rodney D... [Read More]
Guest post: Bill Marx (son of Harpo) speaks!
I suppose that because I am the last living person on Planet Earth to have worked professionally with the three Marx Brothers, those being my dad, Harpo, and uncles Groucho and Chico, one could say it is a distinct honor that could be considered both... [Read More]