Mitch Hurwitz Talks ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 4, Bringing Michael Cera Into the Writers’ Room, and Status of the Movie
Way back in 2006, when Fox canceled Arrested Development, the press reported that Showtime had made an offer to continue the show but that creator Mitch Hurwitz has turned it down. Now, talking yesterday at Netflix's presentation for television critics, Hurwitz shed some light on why he said no: We... [Read More]
Mitch Hurwitz reveals details about the new season of Arrested Development
Although there’s no official release date for Arrested Development’s long-awaited fourth season – it’ll happen sometime in May – we’re getting increasingly more detailed information about what to expect. In an interview with USA Today, show creator M... [Read More]
Season 4 of ‘Arrested Development’ Will Have More Episodes Than Expected
Arrested Development fans should be excited for the latent fourth season installment of the show, which is coming out next spring. Not to mention the few extra episodes that give fans and an extra bang for their buck. Creator and producer Mitch Hurwi... [Read More]
Arrested Development will add more episodes to fourth season on Netflix
When Arrested Development returns for it’s highly anticipated fourth season on Netflix’s streaming service this coming spring, there’s going to be a few more episodes than we all expected. Instead of the previously announced 10, creator and producer ... [Read More]
Jeff Dunham: ‘Spark of Insanity’
I find things in some of the most bizarre ways. Much of the comedy I find comes from a friend or editor, but there are a few funny things that I manage to find on my own. This particular choice rose from listening to voices in my head.Being new to th... [Read More]
Review: Moshe Kasher, “Live in Oakland”
Moshe Kasher’s new special, Live in Oakland, (which debuted exclusively this past weekend on Netflix) starts off with what should be an unnecessary warning about the content of his show. Kasher clearly illustrates his apathetic view toward those who ... [Read More]
Moshe Kasher’s New Stand-Up Special Available on Netflix
We nearly spit out our morning cup o’ joe in excitement this morning when we found out Live from Oakland, Moshe Kasher‘s new stand-up special, is now streaming on Netflix accounts everywhere. Filmed at The New Parish in his hometown of Oa... [Read More]
Kevin Hart: Pain, Pleasure and Brilliance
Whenever I watch a comedian I always either like them or dislike them. Either they make me feel like I’m bouncing with gummy bears in my shoes or they rub me the wrong way and I spend the entire act feeling like I’ve had my Milky Way take... [Read More]
Arrested Development offers “walk-on” roles for fans in contest for new Netflix season
As Arrested Development's reunion becomes realer than real with production on a new season for Netflix, the cult favorite sitcom has announced a contest offering six "walk-on" roles for their fans. Would you like to walk on camera during one of the n... [Read More]
Be creative and win a walk-on role on Arrested Development
Arrested Development fans listen up! There’s a chance you can go hang out with the Bluths on the set of the taping of season 4. Netflix just launched a contest that will reward 6 fans walk-on roles on the new episodes of AD. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz stated, “The Bluths have walked on so ma... [Read More]