Jon Stewart's Attack on CNBC Drives Traffic
Jon Stewart's evisceration of CNBC has become a boon to Comedy Central Digital, resulting in the highest traffic and video stream numbers this year for its collection of Web sites. [Read More]
Jim Cramer is firing back at Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart didn't take kindly to CNBC pundit Jim Cramer dismissing his Comedy Central program as a mere "variety show." "You make me sound like I'm some kind of buffoon, just flapping my arms with crazy buttons and wacky sound effects," the host of "The Daily Show" said Tuesday night. He then cut to a clip of Cramer on his CNBC show "Mad Money," punching buttons that make wacky sound effects. Ouch. [Read More]
So how was Jimmy Fallon's first week?
So how did Jimmy do? Some people are going to like Jimmy and some won't and each will find their own reason to support their feelings. So instead of giving a definitive "yes" or "no," here's a list of five good things and five bad things from the first block of shows. [Read More]
CNBC stays mum after takedown by Jon Stewart
CNBC reporter Rick Santelli just took it on the chin from Jon Stewart. Santelli and his network wouldn't comment Thursday on Stewart's brutal takedown during Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Wednesday. [Read More]
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Starts Tonight!
Hey, don't forget to stay up tonight to watch the debut of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (or set your TIVO, DVR or VCR if you are 80). [Read More]
Tom Green Keeps Cool, Dishes on Star Meltdowns on ‘Celebrity Apprentice'
Comedian-actor Tom Green is one of 16 celebrities along with fellow comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Joan Rivers competing for the coveted title in season two of The Celebrity Apprentice premiering Sunday, March 1 on NBC. STAGE TIME caught up with Green, star of the Web show Tom Green Live!, to discuss his appearance on the show and to seek advice for aspiring comedians. [Read More]
Seinfeld sells out
Everyone knew Jerry Seinfeld would make a return to prime time. He and his good friend Larry David left the original sitcom fairly open ended, just in case they'd want to return to it. But there's not a TV exec, comedian or entertainment junky that could have seen this coming. Seinfeld making a reality show, one he's not even in. [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon & the Late-night shuffle - The Christian Science Monitor
"It's hard to figure where Jimmy really fits in this new landscape," says Alan Cross, a freelance comedy writer in New York who used to pen jokes for Fallon during his SNL tenure. The comedian ticks off the various personae already claimed by others: Jay Leno is the most mainstream; while Letterman takes more of an ironic pose, showing the artifice behind the show; and Conan lifts off into the surreal and often over-the-top goofy. Fallon's best bet, he says, is the tried-and-true advice for any ... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Returns To NBC with "The Marriage Ref"
Jerry Seinfeld is returning to network television after 11 years, and is planning to combine marriage with laughter. "The Marriage Ref" will feature athletes, comedians and celebrities offering their advice and guidance to couples with marital issues, the trade paper writes. [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon just wants to have fun
In the spirit of the YouTube age, "Late Night" writers will shoot their comedy pieces themselves ("they can use me if they want, or not, but I'm available," says Fallon), then edit them right in the office on Macs. "We can be different and topical and fun," Fallon vows. [Read More]