Some 'uh-ohs' bubble up behind the scenes of The Jay Leno Show | TV Squad
Conan O'Brien hasn't even finished his first week as the new host of The Tonight Show and the insiders are already churning out rumblings about Jay Leno's new show. Some sources close to the network and The Jay Leno Show told Kim Masters of The Daily Beast that Leno is slowly growing unhappy with his new time slot and the changes that are being made to the new show by the network. There are even concerns that the stress of the situation is starting to take a toll on the host's health. [Read More]
The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien - Episode 1 | A.V. Club review
In his very first outing, Conan struck a nice balance between appeasing old fans like myself and courting new ones. It's still a little weird to see a quintessential New York type like Conan in LA and Andy Richter wasn't given much to do tonight but it feels damn good to have our Conan back. [Read More]
Reno Collier to travel Route 66 as host of NBC'S 'Great American Road Trip' | TheFutonCritic
NBC announced that comedian Reno Collier will host "Great American Road Trip" -- the series, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, where seven families from divergent backgrounds go on the journey of a lifetime (premiering Tuesday, July 7 (8-9 p.m. PT). Collier will guide viewers and the participating families on an eight-episode journey along America's legendary Route 66. Traveling through cities and towns large and small, the seven families, whose hometowns range from Montclair, California to... [Read More]
Does Anyone Remember Jay Leno's Most Memorable Moments? | A.V. Club
Tonight, Jay Leno ends his 17-year tenure as host of The Tonight Show only to pop up again as host of The Let's Stab An Hour In The Throat Show With Jay Leno at 10pm in September, like some unwinnable version of late-night whack-a-mole. Not surprisingly, no one (except The Today Show, and, uh, Access Hollywood ) seems to be giving Leno the "fond farewell" treatment, mostly because it's difficult to get nostalgic about something that refuses to go away, but also because as it turns out there rea... [Read More]
Joel McHale won't leave 'Talk Soup' for 'Community' | Hollywood Insider
Joel McHale promises he won't give up his day job at E! to star in Community, a new single-camera comedy on NBC this fall about (crazy) life at a junior college. "I'm going to do both Talk Soup and Community next fall," McHale told EW while walking the red carpet of the American Idol finale on Wednesday. "People can tune in to E! and NBC anytime they want to see me. The series doesn't take as much time as it does for us to do Talk Soup because we do that almost every day, like a real job." [Read More]
NBC Reveals Fall Schedule - "My Name is Earl" cancelled | AST
NBC has pulled the plug on "My Name is Earl". The show's sidekick, Ethan Suplee, confirmed the news via Twitter. "Just got the call that My Name Is Earl has been canceled," he wrote. "They sure did take their time with that decision -- or rather informing us of it." An Earl insider says execs at 20th Century Fox (the show's producer) are in discussions with Fox and ABC about picking up the four-year-old comedy. [Read More]
NBC went to Oprah before Leno for prime time | Crain's New York Business
Before deciding to put Jay Leno in prime time, NBC offered its 8 p.m. timeslot to Oprah Winfrey. NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said that the notion of Ms. Winfrey having a nightly show in prime time wasn't a new idea. NBC talked to Ms. Winfrey about two years ago, Mr. Zucker said. She passed but said she might have considered it earlier in her career, he said. NBC also discussed an 8 p.m. show with David Letterman when the Late Show host's contract was coming up at CBS. Mr. Zucker added that at ... [Read More]
Everything Tracy Jordan Said in 30 Rock Season 3, Transcribed
Anytime Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan has a scene on 30 Rock, my brain shuts off and it's difficult to function. It's the combination of delivery and content, and there's hardly ever a scene throughout which, I'm not giggling foolishly. In celebration, I thought I'd post everything he said in 30 Rock Season 3. [Read More]
Jay Leno reveals guests on Tonight Show swansong
Jay Leno will bow out of his 17-year stint on "The Tonight Show" on May 29 in the company of his successor Conan O'Brien and singer James Taylor. Leno, 59, also promised "something really out of the left field" for his last "Tonight Show" before going on to launch "The Jay Leno Show" in the fall. [Read More]
"The Office's" Mindy Kaling cues NBC development deal | Variety
NBC has Tina Fey-style plans for "The Office's" Mindy Kaling, signing the multihyphenate to an overall deal with the Peacock and Universal Media Studios. Under terms of the two-year, seven-figure deal, Kaling will continue to write for and appear on "The Office" next season while simultaneously developing a comedy in which she would also star. "This is my first step in a Transformers-style way to take over the whole world," Kaling quipped. [Read More]