Katie Goodman: I Didn’t F*ck It Up (Review)
In her new CD, I Didn’t F*ck It Up (the asterisk is her spelling, by the way. I would’ve gone ahead and said “fuck.”), Katie Goodman proves that there is a vast difference between a “guitar act” and a musical comedian. Anybody’s who’s frequented com... [Read More]
Margaret Cho's limited-time offer for a "sexting bundle" of her CD and unreleased songs: Pay what you want!
Earlier today, Margaret Cho kicked off a 72-hour "pay what you want" sale of her Grammy-nominated album, Cho Dependent, that includes two unreleased songs of hers, with 20 percent of the proceeds donated to Immediate Justice, a charity devo... [Read More]
Weird Al’s Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way” video now online!
His new album Alpocalypse is out tomorrow, but Weird Al Yankovic debuted his first video from the release this morning on VH1. As we’ve reported before, the first single and video off the album, “Perform This Way” is a parody —... [Read More]
Last Night: Independent Music and Late-Night TV | Pitchfork
With the late-night variety show landscape more congested than ever, the shows' music producers are increasingly taking risks with bands and artists that are likely unfamiliar to most of their audience. It wasn't always this way. "In the days of Ed Sullivan or even Johnny Carson, you just watched what they had-- like the Beatles or Barbra Streisand-- because those were the only places you saw music on TV," says Pitt. "Now, especially with the online world, you go and find your music, it doesn't ... [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker Discuss The Book of Mormon with Jimmy Fallon
The preview performances have now ended for The Book of Mormon, and not a single person accidentally fell 20 feet onto the stage, which I hear is pretty unprecedented on Broadway these days. And in advance of tonight's big opening night show, Ma... [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker on Good Morning America
Yesterday, Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on Good Morning America to talk about The Book of Mormon, which interviewer Jake Tapper called "brilliant." Has anything ever been as universally acclaimed as this show? Last I checked, The Book of... [Read More]
From Charlie Chaplin to 'Where's Charley' on Broadway | NY Times
Rob McClure, an actor who just played Charlie Chaplin in a world premiere musical but has comparatively few New York credits, has snagged the title role in “Where’s Charley?” — the part that won a Tony Award for Ray Bolger — in the final production in the 2010-11 Encores! season of underappreciated musicals. [Read More]
Sandra Bernhard, Scissor Sisters front man collaborating on musical
Sandra Bernhard, Scissor Sisters front man Jack Shears and drag artist Justin Bond are collaborating on a new musical called Arts and Crafts. The musical’s book will be written by Bernhard and Bond (imagine what they’d be like as law partners), with music by all three partners plus U.S. musical theatre veteran Lance Horne. Two performances of Arts and Crafts are lined up for March 7 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. According to the performance space’s website, Bernhard and Bond will play cousins w... [Read More]
Preview: The Book of Mormon – God's Favorite Musical
The last time I saw a Broadway show was when I second-acted Rent (man, they really didn't want to pay their rent). Which is why I was so excited to see an amazing 30 minute preview of the first Broadway musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone in... [Read More]
Preview: South Parks Trey Parker and Matt Stone's The Book of Mormon Broadway musical
In just a short, 20-minute preview, “The Book of Mormon” is a little unorthodox, patently offensive and despite the dire straits, very very funny. The trio juggled which nation to set the story in, from Somalia, Haiti or even post-Katrina New Orleans, just somewhere “very different from Salt Lake City.” “Like, Did God forget this place?” Parker explains, adding that nothing challenges one’s belief system like “the worst stuff on Earth.” Though the team is still hammering out kinks in the writing... [Read More]