This Gun’s Been Hired – Jon Stewart to Host MusiCares’ Bruce Springsteen Tribute
Jon Stewart is already making moves in the new year. The Recording Academy announced earlier today that Stewart will be hosting the MusiCares benefit concert as a tribute to 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year Bruce Springsteen. The tribute will be hel... [Read More]
Community does music: Alison Brie raps and Danny Pudi beatboxes onstage (Video)
When she’s not portraying the lovable Annie on Community, Alison brie is engaging her musical abilities in her group Girls. At a recent show at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, she was joined onstage by co-star Danny Pudi, who plays Abed on the c... [Read More]
A song for comedy snobs
Allie Goertz was one of six winners announced last week in Arrested Development's contest giving fans a chance to appear on the upcoming Netflix season in walk-on roles for their fan art contributions. I'll post her music video for "Maeby One Day" in... [Read More]
‘It’s Okay To Do Stuff’ – A Parody 40 Years in The Making
Well, maybe I should clarify that this new CD, It’s Okay To Do Stuff, is a parody of Free To Be…You and Me forty years later.  Now, that’s better and more to the point.  Yes, it’s been forty years to the month that actress Marlo Thomas got some frie... [Read More]
Interview with Rob Kutner, Joel Levinson, and Steven Levinson
In November 1972, the Ms. Foundation for Women released Free to Be… You and Me, an album and book geared toward children, championing self-acceptance and rejecting societal gender norms. Actress Marlo Thomas, who came up with the idea for the p... [Read More]
Review: Stephen Lynch, “Lion”
Stephen Lynch is a gifted musician. On top of having a great singing voice and being an excellent guitarist, Lynch has also consistently shown that he can adapt to a variety of music genres and styles. In the past, Lynch has used such musical talent ... [Read More]
GoatFace + Das Racist = “Girl” music video + Deal or No Deal
What happens when you take an alternative hip-hop trio from Brooklyn known for its sense of humor -- Das Racist -- and ask a Los Angeles comedy sketch group to film its newest music video, with a starring role for a former Deal or No Deal briefcase h... [Read More]
Who wants to watch Jack Black rip some dude’s heart out? (video)
There will be blood! First it was Dave Foley, now it’s Jack Black appearing in the new music video for the punk band OFF!. Let’s get magically whisked away to the time when Saturday matinee shows were on TV and they really did look this bad. Black’s crew takes on a shadowy figure J... [Read More]
Exclusive First Listen: Stephen Lynch’s song, “Tattoo”
Comedian/folk rock troubadour Stephen Lynch will release his highly anticipated fifth album, Lion on November 13th via What Are Records. The album will contain his signature musical comedy snark but perhaps a bit more of a folksy feel this time around. Lynch states “I wanted this album to have... [Read More]