Comedy to Join Uber-Hip Pitchfork Music Fest | The Apiary
This past Monday, Pitchfork released the schedule of their much bally-hooed summer 2010 music festival, in addition to the news that a comedy stage will be included as part of the festival for the first time ever. To appear Friday, July 16, will be festival slap-happy Eugene Mirman, Michael Showalter, Wyatt Cenac, and Chicago golden-boy expat Hannibal Buress, with host Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav. [Read More]
John C. Reilly Reveals His and Jon Stewart's Song
Admit it. The very first time you ever saw Jon Stewart and John C. Reilly sit down together ten years ago, the gentle lush strains of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's inimitable "Leather and La... [Read More]
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Hader more join Conan at Radio City
Tonight, Conan O’Brien will conclude his two-night live engagement in his former hometown of New York City at the famous Radio City Music Hall. Last night, however, marked the first time the lat... [Read More]
Ron White launches new comedy record label | Punchline Magazine
Ron White has laid down a cool million of his own scratch to start a new record label, set to release both music and comedy albums. The comic teamed up with music producer Michael Blakey to form the Organica Music Group.. [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker Plan 'The Book Of Mormon' Broadway Musical | Comedy Central Insider
One of the more exciting things for theater nerds is the fact that Stone and Parker are teaming up with Avenue Q's Bobby Lopez and Jason Moore in creating a musical called The Book Of Mormon. [Read More]
Back on the Horse - Mel Brooks Penning Songs for Blazing Saddles Musical | Playbill
At the end of Mel Brooks' Broadway musical Young Frankenstein, the cast asked, in song, if a stage version of Brooks' hit film "Blazing Saddles" might be also be in the wings. After all, Brooks had already also made a hit stage musical out of his film, "The Producers." Three's a charm? Brooks is already two songs into Blazing Saddles, the musical, he told the Canadian Press. He's writing a third new number. [Read More]
Jessica Delfino is Becoming Famous | Funny not Slutty
Funny not Slutty interview by Gabriella Giarrano. There are many words you could use to describe Jessica Delfino; artist, musician, comedian, writer and fashionista. And let's not forget this is the Jessica Delfino who beat out Flight of the Conchords for "Best Musical Act" at the 2005 ECNY Awards. [Read More]
MC Mr. Napkins raps up laughs | The Boston Globe
It's hard to know what to expect when MC Mr. Napkins (a.k.a. Zach Sherwin) takes the stage. For the 28-year-old Sherwin, a fan of rappers like MF Doom and MC Paul Barman, hip-hop is the perfect vehicle for his oddball comic vision. "It's all about punch lines and verbal wittiness and verbal facility and cleverness," he says. "It's amazing the level of punning that goes on even with hard-core gangsta MCs. So it was really something I could easily tap into in as goofy [a] way as I wanted to." Sher... [Read More]
Steve Martin's banjo debut on Grand Ole Opry
Comedian Steve Martin next month will make his debut on a new type of stage for the well-known television and movie star, plucking his banjo at country music's Grand Ole Opry. [Read More]
Sacha Baron Cohen records Band Aid spoof single with Chris Martin
The Borat creator has recorded the track as part of his latest film featuring new camp Austrian alter-ego Bruno. The single, called Dove of Peace, has been part-recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and includes lyrics such as: "For people of Africa who live in hell/ They will never wear Chanel." Other celebrities reported to be involved with the parody include Sting, the Village People, Madonna and Sir Elton John. [Read More]