Louis C.K. heading to 'Parks and Rec' for a multi-episode arc | Variety
Comedian Louis C.K. is joining the cast of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" for a multi-episode arc. The stand-up will portray a Pawnee police officer and potential love interest for the character played by star Amy Poehler. Louis will first appear in the second episode of the "Parks" season and appear in several segments thereafter. [Read More]
Louis C.K. plans to hit the film fest circuit with "Hilarious" | AST
While waiting to hear back from F/X about the pilot he recently shot, Louis C.K. has been hatching a plan to take his latest stand-up special "Hilarious" into a new arena: the movie theater. [Read More]
Show Report: Louis C.K.'s Secret Pilot Taping | Comedy Central Insider
Wednesday marked the secret taping of Louis C.K.'s new comedy show, and I was lucky enough to make the RSVP list. The currently nameless FX pilot was shot at The Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, and fans were invited to the taping through Louis's Twitter account. [Read More]
Louis C.K. sheds more light on his pilot for F/X | AST
A stand-up TV series? A stand-up/sketch hybrid? Something about bees? After a day of general confusion, Louis C.K. has graciously offered some details on the pilot he's shooting right now. It's for F/X, it's "autobiographical," it's "kind of hard to describe," and "some of it gets weird." Louie's comedy friends Todd Barry, Nick DiPaolo and Rick Shapiro all have parts in the pilot, which will be done shooting in a few days and could be picked up in a matter of weeks. [Read More]
Louis CK will film "Hilarious" in Milwaukee
Congratulations, Milwaukee. You are your fine people will be part of the show on April 18 when Louis CK films his third stand-up comedy in three years, and most likely his best yet, "Louis CK: Hilarious," at the Pabst Theater. [Read More]
Louis C.K. Blogs from Baghdad
The amazing Louis C.K. went to the Persian Gulf in December for a USO tour, and has been blogging about the trip this week on his official website. [Read More]
Louis C.K. comments on "Hack Lists" & his "Airplane / flying" bit
"I find it so boring when people talk about purity in comedy. About how doing standup without cursing is somehow better or more courageous. People who measure the strength of a comedian by these metrics just don't really get what is great about comedy so they are trying to find a simple way to quantify it." [Read More]
Louis C.K. - The Telegraph Herald Interview
"Everything else I've ever done has been related to stand-up. When I got into movies, it was because of stand-up. When I got into writing, it was because of stand-up. If I hadn't ever done stand-up, I guess I'd be homeless." [Read More]
Preview: Louis C.K.'s "Chewed Up"
Any comic could mine a topic like “boxers versus briefs” for some easy, observational material. For Louis C.K., “boxers versus briefs” is a confession. It’s a chance for him to merrily reveal how his crotch “looks like a pig’s ass when I’m naked.” Which is not the worst of C.K.’s confessions from his brutally funny new special, Chewed Up, which is out on DVD and CD tomorrow. [Read More]