Bill Bailey's Christmas message: don't run holding a trifle
The comedian reveals his Hawaiian pudding nightmare – and explains why he ignores Christmas in his showsHi Bill! Are you feeling Christmassy yet?No, I’m not really. I actually find it quite odd when I see the proliferation of trees and lights and decorations around Britain while I’... [Read More]
Bridget Christie: Oh, to be Jeremy Clarkson! Clearly, I’ve been playing to the wrong crowd
‘Clarkson, free from the shackles of accountability to either his fans or his friends in government, has become a martyr for the right’When I started doing standup about feminism, two things happened. The first was that pick-up artists, men’s rights activists and Top Gear fans stop... [Read More]
Will Adamsdale: power tips to avoid jingle hell this Christmas – video
Will Adamsdale’s Edinburgh award-winning self-help coach Chris John Jackson returns this winter with a festive twist. Jackson’s Way: The Christmas Top-Up Power Seminar! is at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 1-12 December. Visit BAC’s website to watch his 12 power tips. Here’s ... [Read More]
Kevin Bridges hits the gym: 'They're training for the apocalypse' – video
In a clip from his new live DVD, the Scottish comic sizes up the ‘new breed of man’ he meets down the gym and finds out why even fruit for breakfast is frowned upon. Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story is available on digital download now and is on DVD from 23 November.Warning: strong... [Read More]
Shaved and savage: has comedian Margaret Cho finally gone too far?
She has bust every taboo going. But has the caustic comic gone too far with her new song about rape? She talks about being accused of racism, falling out with Tracey Emin – and why she loves British audiencesMargaret Cho’s latest single is called I Want to Kill My Rapist. In the video, C... [Read More]
Shappi Khorsandi: my family values
The comedian talks about her family’s exile from Iran and using humour to defuse the fear of regular death threats to her fatherMy earliest memories growing up in Tehran were the kittens in my grandmother’s house. We moved to London in 1979 when I was six. At that time my father, Hadi, w... [Read More]
Bridget Christie: it’s a scientifically proven fact that wealth makes you obnoxious
‘A man who ordered a takeaway during my show seemed genuinely baffled as to why I even brought it up. He was hungry and needed to eat. What the hell was my problem?’As a standup comedian, I have a heightened sense of other people’s behaviour. In a room of 500 people, I can sniff ou... [Read More]