Gallagher tells David Letterman about his heart problems, tries to sell him on slot machine idea
David Letterman long has held a soft spot for comedians of his own generation, particularly if he was part of their circle in the Los Angeles comedy scene of the 1970s. After hearing about Gallagher's recent health and financial problems, Letterman i... [Read More]
Rory Scovel returns to Conan in character, stars in Nissan Altima ad
Rory Scovel returned to Conan on Monday night for some more stand-up. Though he didn't have Jon Dore by his side to confuse and amuse the audience with their two-man overlapping routines, Scovel did have a beer bottle and a character that the viewers... [Read More]
TJ Miller on Conan in Chicago
What's better than performing live stand-up on Conan O'Brien's TV show? How about eating Italian beef sandwiches as fast as possible? For comedy! Also, why are you laughing like that? It's T.J. Miller, ladies and germs. Roll the clip. ... [Read More]
Geoff Tate on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Geoff Tate is the lead singer of Queensryche. Yes, I know. And stand-up comedian Geoff Tate knows that even more so, and it was this Tate who performed on Monday night's episode of Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I don't know what it is about Fer... [Read More]
Ted Alexandro gets multilingual on Letterman
Have you ever wondered about the real lyrics to the song, "La Bamba"? Not to worry, because Ted Alexandro returned to Late Show with David Letterman last night and deconstructed the song for us. This leads naturally to a discussion on how we learn la... [Read More]
Matt Knudsen on Conan
Comedian Matt Knudsen went on Conan this week, and if you'd like to know how he feels about mattresses, marriage without children, and not working out, then this is the clip for you! Roll the clip! [Read More]
Nick Griffin on Letterman and working out when you’re older
Nick Griffin eats like a kid but wants to act like an adult. Can you help him? He's a bachelor, people. "Which is a fancy way of saying I'm alone." Roll the clip of Griffin's recent appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. ... [Read More]
Todd Glass talks comedy condos, coming out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon had Todd Glass on as a guest this week, and seemed really intrigued by Glass's decision recently to come out of the closet on Marc Maron's podcast. Glass also joked about life on the road as a stand-up comedian and having to stay in come... [Read More]
Jon Fisch’s debut on Late Show with David Letterman
Jon Fisch made his network television debut (proper) on Friday's Late Show with David Letterman. Fisch is one of them thar Massachusetts comedians based in New York City, and he's single, ladies! But wait. Fisch has some rules about online dating. So... [Read More]
On Conan, Owen Smith considers the marriage question
Owen Smith is an actor and writer on the TBS reboot of Are We There Yet?, but he showed off his stand-up comedy chops the other night on Conan. Occupy Wall Street's racial turnabout is fair play, as is gay marriage and marriage vows. Think about it. ... [Read More]