Steven Wright and Craig Ferguson talk about prisons, frogs and Liza Minnelli
What more do you need to know? Steven Wright paid another visit to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and it was delightful. Roll the clip. Steven Wright is in the middle of a stand-up tour. Check him out in a live venue near you.... [Read More]
On Conan, Brent Weinbach proves again why he has won the Andy Kaufman Award
Look. People are submitting videos this month for the annual Andy Kaufman Award competition (the submission date deadline was this past Monday, I just found out), and I just feel as though in the past couple of years, the awards have become, well, le... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan tries to explain his homophobic jokes to David Letterman
Tracy Morgan was on last night's Late Show with David Letterman, and Letterman being Letterman, he wanted to ask Morgan about what happened this summer in Tennessee when Morgan flew back to apologize to an audience member because of a joke in which M... [Read More]
The “Lopez Tonight” finale on TBS: George Lopez’s final words
Thursday's episode of Lopez Tonight was supposed to feature actress Raven and stand-up comedian Auggie Smith. But after TBS announced on Wednesday that it was pulling the plug on George Lopez's late-night show rather than grant Lopez and his crew a f... [Read More]
An unaired SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin, Cup Boy (Horatio Sanz) and Plate Boy (Jimmy Fallon)
On Saturday Night Live, oftentimes something will strike the cast and writers as super-funny around the office (particularly late at night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning of an SNL week), but not quite translate onscreen before the live audience. ... [Read More]