Gabe Liedman on The Pete Holmes Show
The Pete Holmes Show has gone out of its way to include many stand-up comedians as Pete's special guests for interviews and taped segments, but Monday night's show was the first time for a stand-up comedy showcase. First up: Gabe Liedman, one-half of the comedy team Gabe and Jenny (with Jenny Slate)... [Read More]
Bill Cosby’s extended interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
If you saw Bill Cosby on last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, then you heard them reminisce about the very recent past -- earlier this month, Cos performed on the Stand-Up For Heroes benefit Stewart hosted for Wounded Warriors during the New York Comedy Festival. Cosby being Cosby, he gave ... [Read More]
“Where Are They Now?” Oprah asks: Carrot Top hasn’t gone anywhere, still headlining Las Vegas
Carrot Top was headlining shows on the Las Vegas Strip when I launched The Comic's Comic in Vegas six years ago, and the prop comic born Scott Thompson still is entertaining Vegas crowds today -- headlining at the Luxor six nights a week. Here's the new Luxor promo clip for Carrot Top, uploaded... [Read More]
Reggie Watts live music video, “Information,” on Conan
The 1980s were alive and lip-synched Monday night on Conan, as favored musical comedic guest Reggie Watts was on hand for something, well, completely different from his usual completely different performances. For one thing, he wasn't alone onstage. Watts had The Dance Cartel with him to shake, shim... [Read More]
As “Childish Gambino,” Donald Glover performs on Arsenio, explains his current thoughts and goals
The artist formerly known as Donald Glover made an appearance Tuesday night on The Arsenio Hall Show in his sleepwear and slippers, performing one of his new songs ("Shadows") and chatting with Arsenio beforehand. Arsenio introduced Glover as Childish Gambino and waited for the audience to figure it... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon announces Nate Bargatze’s NBC development deal in his “Late Night” intro
Nate Bargatze already performed once this year on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and back in June, Fallon couldn't have enough nice things to say about the young stand-up comedian. Holding up his stand-up album and whatnot. Well, Fallon one-upped all of that on Friday night's show. Two-upped it, real... [Read More]
George Wallace on The Arsenio Hall Show, and his new book, “Laff It Off!”
Shout out to George Wallace for his stand-up performance on Wednesday night's episode of The Arsenio Hall Show! Wallace -- introduced by Arsenio as "Mr. Vegas" -- kept it real and kept it topical by referencing the acts before him on the show, as well as audience members. Wallace also gave a shout-o... [Read More]
Sam Simmons American TV debut on Conan
Sam Simmons put on one of the more gleeful and dizzyingly giddy one-man shows I've seen at Montreal's Just For Laughs. Naturally, Simmons also is one of those Australian comedians who made a name for himself in the U.K. before putting himself before American audiences now. Then again, nature abhors ... [Read More]
Andrew “Dice” Clay performs his classic nursery rhymes on The Arsenio Hall Show
"You asked for it! You asked for it." It didn't take that much asking, begging or pleading from Arsenio Hall last night to coax Andrew "Dice" Clay to bring the "Diceman" back over to the stand-up mic during their panel discussion on last night's Arsenio. Dice just turned 56; Arsenio is 57. So they'r... [Read More]
More than 1,000 people applied to NBCUniversal’s “Late Night Writers Workshop” to diversify TV writing staffs
You're not the only person to have noticed over the years that late-night TV comedy/talk shows are predominately written by and starring white men. NBCUniversal -- which includes The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno current edition; Jimmy Fallon as of February 2014), Late Night (with Fallon; soon to be w... [Read More]