Rory Scovel goes black-tie for this stand-up set on Conan
If you're black-tie formal, does that then make your stand-up performance that much classier? You could just ask Rory Scovel, who donned a tuxedo and had a friend (Adam McFarland) on the piano accompany him for his set on Tuesday night's episode of Conan. His routine reminded me of a time back in co... [Read More]
Natasha Leggero roasts Jay Leno on The Tonight Show
"Jay, why is it when you're not working, you're always dressed like you're on death row at Shawshank?" -- Natasha Leggero, roasting Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Aug. 28, 2013 Leggero is part of the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, premiering Labor Day. Roll the clip. Speaking of the #FrancoRo... [Read More]
Sean Donnelly’s network TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman
"I'm in a suit! This is big time for me!" That's how Sean Donnelly opened his network TV debut last night on Late Show with David Letterman. Just a month ago, Donnelly was one of the New Faces at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival. Of course, two other New Faces this summer also recently mad... [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler reveals fun things to do to strangers, strange things about his childhood, on Conan
Kurt Braunohler loves to inject fun into the lives of strangers. We saw that this spring in the skies above Los Angeles when he hired a plane to write an emergency message as a goof; and we saw that again last night on Conan as Braunohler offered up a few ideas you can use in your everyday lives to ... [Read More]
Steve Martin presents “Conan’s Top 10″ List in oddly sincere tribute to Letterman
With all of the late-night TV talk once again centered on NBC, sometimes Conan O'Brien and David Letterman can feel like odd men out. The comedy thing that binds them together, at least last night, was Steve Martin. In an odd, sincere tribute to Letterman, Tuesday night's Conan featured a Top 10 Lis... [Read More]
Jimmy Pardo to fill in as “Conan” sidekick while Andy Richter hosts FOX game show pilot
Good news all around for Team Coco this week. Jimmy Pardo is stepping in as Conan O'Brien's sidekick tonight and Wednesday night for tapings of Conan on TBS. Whither Andy Richter, you say? You don't say! No. Don't say it. Because Richter is busy with his own new TV project -- a game-show pilot picke... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld thinks clowns have a problem; he’s cool with Crackle, though
Jerry Seinfeld is one of those classic throwback stand-up comedians who, like Bill Cosby, still prefers to deliver stand-up standing up at the microphone before sitting down to panel chat on a late-night TV talk show. So, that's nice. It's funny weird but also understandable to see that Jimmy Fallon... [Read More]
Howard Stern offers Jimmy Fallon advice on taking over “The Tonight Show”
In case you missed it last night, Jimmy Fallon invited Howard Stern on his Late Night show last night, and Stern immediately went into Fallon with advice and suggestions for making his show better in February 2014 when he moves up an hour and takes over The Tonight Show. "I subscribe to the Anyone B... [Read More]
David Letterman offers John Oliver advice on late-night TV show hosting, interviewing
John Oliver made his first appearance last night on Late Show with David Letterman. After talking about the differences between comedy in the UK and the USA -- audiences are surprisingly worse and prone to heckling at every opportunity across the pon... [Read More]
Kathleen Madigan describes life on Lewis Black’s comedy cruise
Kathleen Madigan performed on last night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and let us all in on her very first experience with life on a cruise ship -- which came when she performed on Lewis Black's comedy cruise. Apparently there is a lot more than just... [Read More]