Just For Laughs: New Faces (part 2), Ross Noble, Sketch Show | from the Back of the Room
I'm tempted to say the second group of New Faces performers was slightly stronger than the first one I saw, but based on the improvement in audience energy that may be an unfair assessment. [Read More]
Just for Laughs: New Faces, group 1 - July 22, 2009 review | from the Back of the Room
New Faces is relevant primarily because of its former relevance. It's a relic leftover from a past reality, when agents and managers would flock to Montreal (still happening) to hand out sitcom development deals to the first unknown to impress them (not happening). Does this one-stop-shopping show, always scheduled so it's the first thing industry people see after flying in, still need to exist in this format? [Read More]
Sean L. McCarthy: 14 Reasons I'm Looking Forward To Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival
As The Comic Comic's Sean L. McCarthy gets ready to make the journey north once more, here are a few of the things he's looking forward to seeing, following and preparing for over the next four days and nights. [Read More]
Meet the New Faces, Class of 2009, at Montreal Just For Laughs | the comic's comic
Are these the names you were looking for? The 2009 Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival presents the "New Faces" for the industry to discover, fawn over and scrutinize. It looks to be a very strong class.. [Read More]
review - Just For Laughs - Bubbling With Laughter - July 20th 2009 | The Serious Comedy Site
Jimmy Carr says he does not often host a stand-up comedy show. He should, unless it prevents him from giving his own one-man show. Carr was excellent last night as MC for the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival classic and audience favorite Bubbling With Laughter. I never miss Bubbling With Laughter. This is a very good bang for your entertainment dollar: 8 comics and a host.. [Read More]
Zoofest shows offer alternative side to Just For Laughs | The Canadian Press
Zoofest is the brainchild of Gilbert Rozon, founder of the Just for Laughs festival, which is running at the same time as Zoofest. Both events wrap up on July 26. While Zoofest is an independent entity, Just for Laughs is supporting it by sending it some shows that used to be part of the annual comedy festival. Audience favourites such as the New Faces of Comedy, the Homegrown Comic Competition, the Flying Solo series of individual acts and the Sketch Show are among the Just for Laughs staples n... [Read More]
Review: Sarah Silverman & Friends, Just For Laughs Toronto | from the Back of the Room
Friday night at Toronto's Massey Hall, Sarah Silverman summed up every audience member's thoughts in six words: "Can you believe this lineup? Seriously." Just For Laughs Toronto indeed blew its alt-comedy load in twin 90-minute shows with Silverman as host, and featuring John Mulaney, Arj Barker, Todd Glass, David Cross, and Louis CK. It's the kind of freakish cosmic event that you imagine only happens once a century. [Read More]
Just for Laughs: International, Global Funny Business | The Hollywood Reporter
When comedian Russell Peters took his stand-up act to Dubai last year, the Canadian performer proved so popular he not only sold one ticket every two seconds but he also caused the ticket system to crash and caused near-riots. Peters is just one example of how the comedy business is changing, as comics shift from being largely local phenomena to names on a universal stage, aided by globalization and a digital age that have made it easier for comedic talent to be discovered by fans and talent sco... [Read More]
Just For Laughs: Magical Box of Scheduling, cont'd (Zoofest) | from the Back of the Room
If a show is performed at Just For Laughs and no industry people are there to see it, does it really take place? JFL's new alt-comedy offshoot festival Zoofest is heavy on content from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and LA. This is a great thing, as it gives members of the comedy industry flocking to Montreal a chance to catch shows from UCB performers who have thusfar gone "undiscovered". [Read More]
Second City in second Canadian city? Legendary comedy group eyes Montreal.
This isn't a joke - talks are ``ongoing'' to bring Second City to Montreal. The 50-year-old Chicago improvisational comedy giant, a training ground for such greats as Mike Myers, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Bonnie Hunt and Steve Carell, hopes to set up shop at Montreal's Just For Laughs building. "(Bringing Second City to Montreal) is an idea both organizations really like,'' Just for Laughs president Bruce Hills said. "But it's not a done deal. Negotiations are ongoing.'' [Read More]