Kobi Libii Checks in on Fox News, “Television’s Home for Black History Month,” on ‘The Opposition’
Black History Month has begun, so during last night’s The Opposition, Jordan Klepper welcomed Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii to check in on how Fox News, AKA “television’s home for Black History Month,” is handling things: “All across Fox News, they’re taking advan... [Read More]
Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Explain How Alex Jones “Has His Finger Firmly on the Throbbing Pulse of Gay America”
Citing a recent study from GLAAD that found a decrease in LGBT acceptance and increase in LGBT discrimination for the first time since 2014, during last night’s The Opposition Jordan Klepper welcomed Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to expose the truth behind the study – ... [Read More]
Tim Baltz Breaks Down How Conservatives Are “Crushing Liberals Using Their Own Language” on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper welcomes Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz on the show to break down how right-wing politicians and pundits are “crushing liberals using their own language.” “See, the left is good at attaching virtue to wo... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Chats with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper sits down with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to discuss Donald Trump’s racist comments against Mexicans and the border wall and why he’s taken it upon himself to speak out against Trump on Twitter. &n... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Dives into the Aziz Ansari Story with Jessica Valenti on ‘The Opposition’
This week’s Aziz Ansari story has fired up a very polarized debate, if the round of recent thinkpieces are any indication – just compare The New York Times piece “Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader” with Vox’s “The Aziz Ansari story is ordinary. Tha... [Read More]
Watch Kobi Libii’s Two-Part ‘Opposition’ Segment Investigating Former ‘Breitbart’ Writer Lee Stranahan
This week, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper aired a two-part segment from Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii, who headed out to Twin Falls, Idaho to investigate what far-right sites like Breitbart claimed was a horrific gang-rape of an Idaho girl by Syrian refugees that turns out to be – unsurpri... [Read More]
‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Opposition’ Will Cover Trump’s State of the Union Address with Live Episodes
Comedy Central’s late night lineup is going live the night Donald Trump is slated to deliver his first State of the Union address. According to Deadline, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will air live episodes the same evening as Trump’s address on T... [Read More]
Tim Baltz Heads to a Roy Moore Rally in Alabama on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, where Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz heads down to Alabama to speak with voters about Senate candidate Roy Moore but mostly just hang out with his fellow Moore supporters at a rally where everyone agrees that it’s ac... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Risks His Life by Eating Trump’s 2,400-Calorie McDonald’s Order
Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski just released a book that reveals a fact about Trump that probably isn’t the best thing to process in the morning: Not only does our current president eat McDonald’s food regularly, but his go-to meal order – two Big Macs, two... [Read More]