John Mulaney Interview | Buzzine
Many have noted the conversational style of John Mulaney's comedy. His delivery is so natural that it doesn't even seem like he's telling jokes. Rather, it's as though John is telling the audience about a funny thing he saw the other day, just as he would if he saw the audience at a party or ran into the audience on his way to work. That's because that's exactly what John is doing. After years of digesting comedy, John's sense of what's funny about the world has become so finely honed that he's ... [Read More]
'John Mulaney: The Top Part' - The Apiary review
These jokes are a delightfully refreshing take on everything that makes your life as boring as mine. This CD can help you find your way out of the endless drudgery. [Read More]
John Mulaney, Standup Comedian and SNL Writer - The Sound of Young America Interview
John Mulaney has taken the standup comedy world by storm over the past few years, and at the age of 26, he's just starting to reach the top of his profession. His first standup comedy special, Comedy Central Presents John Mulaney, premiers Friday, April 3rd on Comedy Central. His first standup comedy CD, "The Top Part," is in stores now. He also wrote for the Demetri Martin's "Important Things," and is currently a writer for Saturday Night Live. [Read More]
John Mulaney: Comedian on top - Punchline Magazine Interview
John Mulaney raps to Punchline Magazine about his new album, his gig on the world's most famous sketch show, and naturally, drag queens. Check out his Comedy Central special on April 3 at 10 pm. [Read More]
Comedy Central Records to Release John Mulaney 'The Top Part' CD
Whether as a commentator on VH1 or the Web series "I Love the 30s" or making any number of late night talk show appearances, John Mulaney is one of the most talked about new comedians on the comedy scene. His new CD, "The Top Part," hits stores on Tuesday, March 24, released on COMEDY CENTRAL Records. [Read More]