Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Kurt Metzger
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then interviews with stand-ups are the holograms of the soul, on the Internet, in question and answer form. Right? Right. Ugly Americans' Kurt Metzger is ... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Mike Vecchione
Honestly, I can't tell the difference between a well-behaved clown and a poorly behaved clown (that actually explains a lot about my night terrors). But, Mike Vecchione can. He answered some ques... [Read More]
Inside With: Mike Lawrence
By: Meghan O'KeefenPhoto: Anya GarrettAmong the chosen for this year's New Faces of Comedy at Just For Laughs Montreal was one of last year’s ECNY nominees for the emerging comic award and al... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Tony Roberts
There are several Tony Roberts out there.  The actor, the Welsh football player, the race car driver, the sportscaster — but the one that is the funniest and looks the best in a jaunty cap is T... [Read More]
Kevin Hart Drops Some Seriously Funny Knowledge
Am I the only one waiting for Kevin Hart’s special like a fat kid in a candy store?  If you don’t know about him, I’ve got the prescription:nStep 1: Look yourself in the mirror.nStep 2: Slap ... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Calise Hawkins
My mother wouldn't make a very good stand-up.  Her act would consist of jokes about our cat and why she won't download anything off the Internet. But, Calise Hawkins is a mom and a featured... [Read More]
Steve Carell Does The Colbert Report
Last night, Steve Carell made his first ever appearance on The Colbert Report, and it was pretty amazing. It was like a double-Stevphen. Oh my God! Oh my God! It's Carell and Colbert all the way!... [Read More]
Inside With: Dan Milano, Sean Baker, and Spencer Chinoy, creators of Warren the Ape
By: Meredith HaggertyrnrnMTV’s new documentary series Warren the Ape chronicles the trials and tribulations of the down-on-his-luck thespian and “Fabricated American” Warren as h... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Dante Nero
If I was a person who judged a book by its cover (which is a terrible thing to do, that's how I read Naked Lunch — it is not what you think it's about), then I would say that Dante Ner... [Read More]
The Voices of Futurama: Billy West on Fry
I know it's hard for you to understand, but cartoons aren't real. Human beings, just like you, me or Mark Hamill, go into a sound booth and create voices for all your favorite Flintstones ki... [Read More]