Adam Carolla Makes a Buck
Long ago, Gallagher and Carrot Top learned the secret to comedy. When you don't have material, you have to go to your props. Now Adam Carolla is the new sheriff in town and he has a laptop. He spoke with Kurt Metzger and backstage at ... [Read More]
The Big Lake Cast Talks Friendship (video) | Comedy Central Insider
The dudes from Big Lake talk about the relationships between their characters in this video from the Comedy Central Insider. [Read More]
Inside With: Mike Sacks, Writer and Co-Author of "Our Bodies, Our Junk"
Perhaps a sex manual--even a hilarious one--isn't public reading material. I kept inadvertantly flashing neighboring straphangers with the graphic words (Masturbation!) and imagery (malformed penises!) contained within Our Bodies, Our Junk.. [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Kurt Metzger
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then interviews with stand-ups are the holograms of the soul, on the Internet, in question and answer form. Right? Right. Ugly Americans' Kurt Metzger is ... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Mike Vecchione
Honestly, I can't tell the difference between a well-behaved clown and a poorly behaved clown (that actually explains a lot about my night terrors). But, Mike Vecchione can. He answered some ques... [Read More]
Inside With: Mike Lawrence
By: Meghan O'KeefenPhoto: Anya GarrettAmong the chosen for this year's New Faces of Comedy at Just For Laughs Montreal was one of last year’s ECNY nominees for the emerging comic award and al... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Tony Roberts
There are several Tony Roberts out there.  The actor, the Welsh football player, the race car driver, the sportscaster — but the one that is the funniest and looks the best in a jaunty cap is T... [Read More]
Kevin Hart Drops Some Seriously Funny Knowledge
Am I the only one waiting for Kevin Hart’s special like a fat kid in a candy store?  If you don’t know about him, I’ve got the prescription:nStep 1: Look yourself in the mirror.nStep 2: Slap ... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Calise Hawkins
My mother wouldn't make a very good stand-up.  Her act would consist of jokes about our cat and why she won't download anything off the Internet. But, Calise Hawkins is a mom and a featured... [Read More]
Steve Carell Does The Colbert Report
Last night, Steve Carell made his first ever appearance on The Colbert Report, and it was pretty amazing. It was like a double-Stevphen. Oh my God! Oh my God! It's Carell and Colbert all the way!... [Read More]