Jimmy Pardo: Comic Vs. Audience Interview
Jimmy Pardo is a L.A.-based, Chicago-raised stand-up comedian and host of the widely successful podcast Never Not Funny. Known for his (really) quick-wit and stream of conscious style, Pardo's live material consists mostly of crowd work. Here, Jimmy talks about his career in the record industry, coming up in Chicago, his "Never Not Funny" podcast, clicking with an audience and his influences. [Read More]
Are You There Todd Barry? It's Me, Amanda. : pop-rock candy mountain interview
After years of waiting for an email response from Todd Barry, Pop-Rock Candy Mountain's Amanda Brumfield gave up on interviewing him. Finally she received an email which included an apology from Todd and the answers to her questions. Todd talks about camaraderie among comedians, being hyper-aware, the interwebs, and his agenda. [Read More]
Chris Rock on how to survive the world of stand-up: Herald Sun Interview
Chris Rock is one of the world's most successful comics. Now he says the secret to stand-up in front of 15,000 people is to channel the inner Freddie Mercury. Rock also addresses Michael Richards, losing control with hecklers, Barack Obama, feeling the audience out and his boring marriage. [Read More]
Lauren Hearts NYC: Making Funny With Eugene Mirman
Pop-Rock Candy Mountain's Lauren Mooney asks Eugene Mirman a few questions about "alternative comedy," his MySpace friending policies, music, and the possibility of having sex on a desert island with Marc Maron. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman's Music Is Poo (CHARTattack Interview)
Finally, someone covering the music industry acknowledges that even goofy comedy songs about poop beat most crappy serious music. "Sarah Silverman's joke songs are better than three-quarters of the shitty "serious" artists we cover in this magazine. So we asked her a bunch of questions about poop." [Read More]
Upcoming Book: "And Here's the Kicker"
I want to give a little heads-up on an upcoming book by my good friend Mike Sacks. Sacks has interviewed over twenty comedy writers and humorists for the upcoming book And Here’s the Kicker, which promises to be a definitive work on comedy writing. The great thing about the book is that Sacks is not wedded to one comedy tradition - talking to folks as diverse as Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine) to David Sedaris to Bob Odenkirk. And Sacks, as he’s a funny guy in his own right, gets it. So ... [Read More]
Todd Glass: Comic Vs. Audience Interview
Todd Glass really loves comedy. After arriving in Philadelphia last Saturday, he stopped by the Helium Comedy Club to catch Tom Wilson perform. "He was one of the first comics I ever saw when I was 16." At that young age, Glass started performing in Philadelphia and he never stopped. He eventually moved out to Los Angeles and today he is a nationally touring stand-up comedian. He's performed stand-up on late night TV, was a finalist on Last Comic Standing and is in the current season of The Sara... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Los Angeles Times Interview: "Takes One to Know One"
Comedian David Steinberg continues in his role as “ear”â€"that is, a sounding boardâ€"to some of the funniest people working today. David Steinberg: Thank you for doing this. Jerry Seinfeld: This is one of my favorite things. The greatest thing about being a comedian is knowing other comedians. And you get to talk to them. It’s the most fun. DS: I was watching Comedian, your documentary about going on the road. Did you enjoy doing that? JS: When you’re in comedy,... [Read More]
Ron White says his arrest is a joke
When comedian Ron White performs Friday and Saturday at The Mirage, he'll be showing up as a low-level criminal suspect. I was talking with him on the phone Monday when he dropped this in my ear: "You saw my drug bust the other day, didn't you?" No, I did not. I must have missed the news on Sept. 11, the day after White -- the funniest of the "Blue Collar" stand-ups -- got arrested by Vero Beach police in Florida. He was carrying just enough for "a little skinny twisted-up joint," he says. "T... [Read More]
Michael Showalter Twin Cities Interview
Don't ask Michael Showalter about the flu unless you want to hear the history of the virus. The New York-based comedian confesses he has a thing for books about influenza, along with plagues, various diseases and mental illness. But, hey, let's not forget the guy is funny. As one-third of the comedy trio Stella â€" along with Michael Ian Black and David Wain â€" Showalter, 38, has found various outlets for making people laugh whether it's on stage (he'll be with his fellow Stella mates a... [Read More]