Bill Engvall Interviewed by Boston Globe
Blue Collar Comedy's Bill Engvall heads to the North Shore Music Theatre November 30. I spoke with him about the Blue Collar Comedy phenonenon and his TBS sitcom, "The Bill Engvall Show" for the Boston Globe. Read the interview here. [Read More]
Gesundheit, Wilkkomen and Spaetzle, Tina Fey!
It might seem like there aren't any labels left to pin on Tina Fey. After all, we already have Tina Fey the genius, Tina Fey the sexy librarian, Tina Fey the sexy librarian genius, Tina Fey the sexy genius librarian and Tina Fey the genius librarian sexy. Maureen Dowd, however, thought the world could use one more. Here she is with Tina Fey the German in next month's Vanity Fair. "Tina is not clay," says Lorne Michaels, the impresario of Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, and 30 Rock, when I ask h... [Read More]