Help Broken Lizard Turn 'Super Troopers 2' Into a Reality
by Megh Wright Broken Lizard is turning to fans to get Super Troopers 2 on the big screen. The comedy group launched an Indiegogo campaign today to raise at least $2 million to self-fund the project by April 24th. "We finally have the chance to make Super Troopers 2," Jay Chandrasekhar said on the n... [Read More]
Help Fund the Official Patrice O'Neal Documentary 'Better Than You'
by Megh Wright There's a new documentary in the works about beloved standup Patrice O'Neal, and the producers behind the project have launched an Indiegogo campaign to turn it into a reality. Titled Better Than You, the documentary is an inside look at O'Neal's life and career and features interview... [Read More]
Official Patrice O’Neal documentary, “Better Than You,” launches IndieGoGo campaign
Mark Farrell and Von Decarlo, Patrice O'Neal's fiancée for 10 years, have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to finish an official documentary on the late, great stand-up comedian, Better Than You. Farrell is directing the project, with Sansan Fibri and Jason Steinberg joining him ... [Read More]
Go go support the LOVE Gilda documentary on Gilda Radner on Indiegogo
Director Lisa D'Apolito was halfway through production of a documentary on the late Gilda Radner when she ran out of funds, so she turned to Indiegogo for help. She's raised just more than half of the $50,000 she needs to finish LOVE Gilda -- The Legacy of Gilda Radner. D'Apolito has until... [Read More]
Donate to charity for a chance to play video games with Will Ferrell
Everyone knows Will Ferrell (or “Pharrell”) is an excellent gamer. If you want to see if you can compete with the master, donate to Ferrell’s new Indiegogo campaign. In an effort to raise $375,000 for children with cancer, donations of $10 or more will be entered in a drawing to wi... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Wants to Play Video Games with You for Charity
by Megh Wright If your biggest dream is to win a half-eaten bag of Skittles and the chance to play video games with Will Ferrell, his newest charity push "Will Ferrell's SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge" might make those dreams come true. Ferrell has set up an Indiegogo campaign at WillFerrellHates... [Read More]
Only four days left in Kurt Braunohler’s “Jet Ski for Goats” campaign
Kurt Braunohler’s new web-series, Roustabout, is set to debut later this fall on Comedy Cental’s website. For the show, Braunohler jet-skied the Mississippi River to raise $50,000 for Heifer International. That $50,000 would provide 500 goats and 1000 chickens to families in African to g... [Read More]
Help Chris O'Dowd Make a Hot Air Balloon Shaped Like Peter Griffin's Testicles
by Megh Wright It's for cancer awareness, not that you needed a reason. The Daily Dot reports that Chris O'Dowd has teamed up with British charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign for their new Indiegogo campaign called "Skyballs" to "build, launch and tour the world in a hot-air balloon shaped like a... [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler’s Roustabout Jet-Ski Stunt From Chicago to New Orleans, For Goats
Last night, Kurt Braunohler snapped a photo of a room full of people in Chicago and typed on Instagram: "I cannot believe 22 people will live on a river for 7 days because I had a stupid idea. #roustabout" We cannot believe Braunohler still plans to go through his latest "stupid idea." And yet, this... [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler is raising $50,000 to feed African families by jetskiing the Mississippi in new web series, ‘Roustabout’
500 Goats, plus 1000 chickens, equals jetski! What does that mean? Well it’s pretty obvious already, but it’s all a part of Kurt Braunohler‘s new mission to make the world a better place… one stupid thing at a time. Braunohler has made a name for himself being a great comedi... [Read More]