Prison isn’t funny, but prison rape is? Another blistering report from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Say what you will about the legitimacy of rape jokes, but at least we all can agree that prison rape is hilarious, right ladies? Because it's not about you. It's about horrible men convicted of doing horrible things, having something horrible done to them. Cheeky bastards! John Oliver has crafted so... [Read More]
John Oliver and Some Puppets Break Down America's Prison Problem
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from last night's Last Week Tonight, in which John Oliver breaks down the many problems behind America's broken prison system and takes a page out of the Sesame Street playbook by singing a catchy prison-themed tune with a group of puppets. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Bask in the Shameless Glory of Tommy Wiseau's New Sitcom Teaser
by Megh Wright Tommy Wiseau, star and director of the famously bad 2003 film The Room, recently announced via his website that his original sitcom The Neighbors — a project he's been working on since at least 2009 — will drop in September (on "Comedy TV," apparently). Wiseau made a websi... [Read More]
John Oliver Reads Warren G. Harding Love Letters! Watch Video Of ‘Last Week Tonight’ Host Mocking Former President’s ‘Smutty F–k Notes’ To Mistress Carrie Fulton Phillips
What exactly did Warren G. Harding do during his stint as United States president? No one really knows. But newly-released love letters revealed that his personal life was a lot more interesting than his politics. Naturally, this was the perfect topic of conversation for John Oliver’s latest e... [Read More]
John Oliver Breaks Down America's Income Inequality Problem
by Megh Wright From Last Week Tonight, here's a clip of John Oliver breaking down everything that's wrong with income inequality in the US, from the stigma behind the term "class warfare" to the wealth gap to the estate tax to America's obsession with being cut down to size by British talent show ju... [Read More]
HBO Is Waiting Patiently for Larry David to Bring Back 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
by Megh Wright Curb Your Enthusiasm might come back to HBO, but not until at least next year. According to a Vulture, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told reporters yesterday that he had recently run into Larry David and asked about a possible Curb return. Though David said he had no plan... [Read More]
66th Primetime Emmy Nominations in Comedy
Here are your nominees for 2014 Emmy Awards in TV comedy. Will update with more categories and breakdowns, but for now, congrats to all! Making a big splash this year definitely is Netflix, with its decision to Orange Is the New Black in comedy earning the streaming site a series and acting nods. Th... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Katt Williams’ new stand-up special, “Priceless,” premiering August 16th
HBO just released the trailer for Katt Williams’ new stand-up special, Priceless. The special was taped earlier this summer and is set to premiere in about a month on August 16th. As expected, it appears he has material about his recent altercations with the law, which included one of the best... [Read More]
Trailer for Katt Williams, “Priceless,” coming to HBO on Aug. 16, 2014
Forget everything you read in the gossip pages about what Katt Williams is doing offstage. HBO has set a date for his newest stand-up special, directed by Spike Lee. "Katt Williams: Priceless" will premiere Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014. Here's the first official trailer of Williams back onstage doing his... [Read More]
John Oliver breaks down every Fourth of July Fireworks display that happened this weekend
John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight didn’t air this weekend due to the Fourth of July holiday. But rather than leaving us hanging a week without hearing from him, Oliver pre-recorded this web exclusive clip that breaks down how all of our fireworks experiences went down this weekend. It... [Read More]