HBO’s ‘Girls’ renewed for a fourth season before third season starts
People are already talking about the third season of Girls, even though it hasn’t started yet. However, whatever problems you have with it or don’t have with it don’t matter, because it was just renewed for a fourth season. That’s right, HBO made the announcement at the 2014 ... [Read More]
'Girls' Renewed for a Fourth Season
by Megh Wright The third season of Girls hasn't even premiered yet, but that hasn't stopped Lena Dunham's hit show from earning a fourth season on HBO. According to THR, the next season will begin filming this spring and air in 2015, so the future of the Girls thinkpiece is now secure for at least a... [Read More]
How Lena Dunham's Directing Style Makes 'Girls' More Emotionally Resonant – and More Polarizing
by Brad Becker-Parton At some point in the last two years it became a legal requirement in the United States to have an opinion about Lena Dunham. So, here is mine: Lena Dunham, the ultimate multi-hyphenate, is a tremendously skilled filmmaker. She also fits perfectly in the original mission of this... [Read More]
GIRLS returns to HBO this Sunday, but don’t fret (were you fretting about GIRLS?) because The Pet Collective just dropped a parody video in CATS. The voice work is pretty […]Author informationDavid DeanPublisher at Serial OptimistDavid is the publisher of Serial Optimist and writer of t... [Read More]
HBO to Remake French Porn Comedy 'Hard'
by Megh Wright According to The Guardian, HBO is set to remake the French television series Hard, a comedy about "a Catholic housewife who discovers her husband's secret life as a porn mogul after he dies — and has to carry it on when she faces financial difficulties." The original series ran ... [Read More]
Checking in with 'SNL' Halfway Through Season 39
by Erik Voss We've reached the midpoint of SNL's 39th season — one that has optimistically been called a "transitional year," but one more commonly known as "the year the shit hit the fan with that whole black woman issue." Despite the fact that the bulk of the SNL coverage in fall 2013 has ze... [Read More]
Looking back, looking forward: Real talk with Alonzo Bodden about podcasts, Last Comic Standing, acting and the media
What difference does a year make? Alonzo Bodden headlines this weekend at Carolines on Broadway to open 2014, just as he had 2013. Later this year, he'll be recurring in the final season of Showtime's Californication. When I met Bodden near Times Square almost a year ago, that gig hadn't yet materal... [Read More]
John Oliver’s teary goodbye from ‘The Daily Show’ (video)
Last night was the final night we’d be seeing John Oliver kicking around the halls of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart tricked Oliver by leading him to believe he was going to do a segment on the Royal Family. Instead Stewart chose to take the opportunity to run a surprise retrospective of Oliver t... [Read More]
Jon Stewart’s surprise farewell tribute brought John Oliver to tears on his final day at The Daily Show
You'd be nuts to think John Oliver's final night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart would pass by without an appropriate farewell tribute. And yet. Oliver thought he'd be filing one last report as the "Senior Royal Correspondent" to offer his insightful jokes to Stewart about hacked communications a... [Read More]
John Oliver Steals 'Daily Show' Head Writer Tim Carvell for His HBO Show
by Megh Wright John Oliver's upcoming show now has its showrunner. Tim Carvell, who's been a writer at The Daily Show since 2004 and its head writer since 2011, has signed on as both showrunner and executive producer for Oliver's untitled HBO series set to air on Sunday nights next year, Variety rep... [Read More]