Beyonce’s “Life Is But A Dream” Documentary Has A Parody
Well, it has finally happened; a parody about the Life Is But A Dream documentary has been made. The original Life Is But A Dream documentary was released in early February on HBO and focused on the life of singer Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce directed th... [Read More]
HBO Cancels 'Enlightened'; Somebody Start a Kickstarter Right Now
After two excellent but low-rated seasons, HBO has canceled its critically-acclaimed comedy-drama Enlightened. HBO released a statement yesterday saying, "It was a very difficult decision. We’ve decided not to continue Enlightened for a third season. We’re proud of the show, and we look forward to... [Read More]
Veep returns with season 2 on April 14th (trailer)
The hilariously awesome sitcom Veep, staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, returns for its second season on April 14th. The show places Louis-Drefus in the Vice Presidential position with her fumbling, tumbling staff and politics that need to be negotiate. The trailer for the new season was just released and... [Read More]
Louis C.K. has it both ways in his meta-narrative trailer for “Oh My God” HBO special
Louis C.K. gets to have his HBO trailer and mock it, too, in this clip promoting his latest stand-up comedy special, "Oh My God," premiering on April 13, 2013. Roll the clip! [Read More]
Louis C.K.’s “Oh My God” stand-up special trailer breaks it all down (video)
Louis C.K. just released the trailer for his forthcoming HBO stand-up special, Oh My God and in typical Louis fashion he tries his best to take the piss out of the cliche that is and ad for said special. And though you don’t always wear them Louis, you might want to consider rocking the suit [... [Read More]
Audio Interview: Up All Night with Patrick Carlin
Patrick Carlin was once described to me as “one of the sweetest, most in-touch people I’ve ever met.” In this interview where I finally do meet him, I find this to be absolutely true, minus the “one of.” After reading his biography and his new book, ... [Read More]
Louis stand-up C.K.’s special, “Oh My God” will premiere on HBO April 13th
According to Splitsider, Louis C.K.’s new special, Oh My God will premiere on HBO on April 13th. While C.K. already announced that his next special would be on HBO, he gave no new details until now. Mark the TiVo and prepare to laugh your ass off.Louis stand-up C.K.’s special, “Oh ... [Read More]
Bobby Slayton: Still Bobby After All These Years
Bobby Slayton is a comedy legend. In the business for three decades, Slayton has performed to sellout crowds across the country. He has been on television shows including Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and Family Guy. Slayton’s film credits include... [Read More]
Title Card Tales: Mike Royce’s Snowpants Productions
End cards or “vanity cards” as they are known derisively/accurately, are those logos and nonsense that flash at the end of TV shows for two seconds.  To be accurate, this year it was cut from 2 seconds to 1 ½ seconds.  I don’t know why the studio nee... [Read More]