The second annual NYC Podfest kicks off January 11th
Sixteen shows in just 2 days, starting January 11th. Sound like a lot? That’s because it is. NYC Podfest is here and it is jam packed with tons live podcast shows. This year’s fest boasts a awesome line up of podcasts such as Keith and The Girl, RISK!, The Dork Forest, Pep Talks with Edd... [Read More]
Norm MacDonald is the greatest pitchman ever
Holy hell! How did I miss this one? Norm MacDonald had a podcast on the VPN Network. One of the show’s sponsors was the Mangrate which is a heavy duty cast iron grill grate. A product that is often advertised on many podcasts. Norm is different though because he can pitch the product in ways [... [Read More]
The 12 most unforgettable sets from the Comedy Central Roasts
In light of the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, which debuted this Monday and it’s re-airing tonight, we decided to take a dive into the world of the Comedy Central Roasts. Since 1998 Comedy Central has aired an annual roast on its channel. The first five of the roast were held at the in... [Read More]
The First Annual Cape May Comedy Festival
Cape May, NJ has been a well known beach haven for its locals and visitors alike. The Cape May Lighthouse, the Cape May Zoo, and it’s beautiful beaches are a grand finale to anyone traveling down New jersey’s coast. This summer has added a bonus with the Cape May Comedy Festival from Jul... [Read More]
Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thicke swapped wives on ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap”
In case you missed it, this week on ABC's new episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedic actor Alan Thicke spent time in the other man's shoes and households, living with the other man's wife. Actually, it's the wives who ... [Read More]
Talking Comedy with Gilbert Gottfried (video)
We had the chance to catch up with comic legend Gilbert Gottfried for a wee bit of a chat. About what you ask? Well, Gilbert told us about his latest stand-up special and book as well as some dirty jokes. He also talked about how he became an apologist on Twitter and how his demo [...]Talking Comedy... [Read More]
“Make ‘Em Laugh”: Famous comedians reminisce about their beginnings at the Comic Strip
At the SPIKE TV tribute to Eddie Murphy in November, Adam Sandler praised Murphy's first stand-up special, Delirious, and acknowledged that he went to great lengths to be just like Eddie. "I tried to do everything he did in his career," Sandler said.... [Read More]
Gilbert Gottfried to kick off NYC comedy production that puts Broadway on a diet
The newly re-launched Stage 72 (formerly Triad) will play host to Gilbert Gottfried new run of NYC comedy production called The Diet Show which will star past contestants on the NBC weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. The show is said to feature everything from monologues and to crowd-pleasing food ... [Read More]
A new book giving a behind the scenes look at The Comic Strip
It’s been four years in the making but it’s finally finished. The book co-authored by Jeffrey Gurian and Richie Tienken about the legendary NYC comedy club The Comic Strip. The book, Make ‘Em Laugh: 35 Years of the Comic Strip, the Greatest Comedy Club of All Time! recounts the 35 ... [Read More]