Paul Reubens says the new Pee-wee Herman film could start shooting "any minute" | The A.V. Club
It's been nearly two years since Paul Reubens let it slip that he and Judd Apatow were combining childish-man forces to bring Pee-wee Herman back to the big screen. This weekend, Reubens finally offered a very slight, nominal update: "As far as I know, it's getting shot very soon," Reubens said, adding that it had just been through a quick rewrite and that a meeting on it is scheduled for this coming week, so he believes it will become a real thing "any minute, supposedly" [Read More]
L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival goes for big laughs, big breaks | LA Times
You might say the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, which kicks off Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles, was born amid tragedy. Co-founders Gary Anthony Williams and Jeannie Roshar, both actors and comedians, got the idea for the event while showing a humorous short at a surprisingly glum film festival in San Diego. "Our little comedy was sandwiched between all these tragedies where literally in every one of them, somebody died," Williams said. "Nothing but death and destruction, and then ... [Read More]
Looking for Lenny
The central challenge of any documentary is to grant both information and insight, and that’s doubly true for documentaries on well-worn subjects. Since Lenny Bruce is one of the most threadbare of all, at least in comedy, Looking for Lenny sets up a mighty challenge over the course of its brisk, ho... [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me” to be Shown at Sundance Film Festival
Mike Birbiglia is perhaps one of the best story telling comedians in the business. His routine is one big continuous tale which revolves around the many medical difficulties he’s had to endure and overcome. He’s suffered from learning dis... [Read More]
IFC Gets Funnier, Adding Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk to Weekly Lineup
The Independent Film Channel has grown in popularity over the past few years with it’s awesome array of movies and recent addition of The Onion News Network. Now IFC has added two creative comedies to it’s portfolio with Comedy Bang! Bang... [Read More]
Margaret Cho’s Standup Concert Film “Cho Dependent” Releases November 22nd
Margaret Cho is one of the hardest working comedians in the industry. Not only does she currently play a big part in the hit show Drop Dead Diva, but she is also an activist fighting for gay and lesbian rights. And on top of that, she continually per... [Read More]
Todd Margaret Cosplayers Really Do Exist
Last week I joked about digging through all your 30-gallon plastic storage totes and dragging out the ol' Todd Margaret cosplay outfit for NY Comic Con. Turns out this is a real thing, as evidenced by this video from The Increasingly Poor Decisions o... [Read More]
Coen Brothers Team up with “Cedar Rapids” Writer for New Series
When a ghost is in your neighborhood, you call the Ghostbusters; but when Hollywood goes searching for dark film specialists, they seem to like calling the Coen Brothers. And why shouldn’t they? Ethan and Joel Coen are geniuses in their own rig... [Read More]
“Natural Selection” to open 2011 Friars Club Film Festival
The Friars Club has announced the lineup for its third annual Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, which opens Oct. 12, 2011, with a screening of Natural Selection, starring Rachael Harris. Director Robbie Pickering will attend the screening of Natural ... [Read More]
Comedian Nick Helm Wins Funniest Joke At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
This 65th Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world, has opened its doors to comedians of all sorts. The annual comedy event draws the attention of many aspiring comedians that flock to Edinburgh, Scotland in hopes of being no... [Read More]