The decay of the influential comedian: four types of comics you should avoid
Periodically stand-up comedians will go through the rigors of the newspaper interview in which the writer will ask the inevitable question about our comedy influences to complete the article. Citing people like Pryor, Carlin and Hicks is a lot more s... [Read More]
The Grammys need comedy: Blow Your Pants Off by Jimmy Fallon
The 55th Grammy Awards take place Feb. 10 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and allegedly the comedy segment will not be televised. What bullshit! The six badass comedians who are nominated for the Best Comedy Album include Jimmy Fallon, Margaret Cho, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, Jim Gaffigan and Tena... [Read More]
Animation and Stand-up Comedy
It seems ever since the show Shorties Watching Shorties, animation in comedy is growing into a creative outlet for stand-up comedians to express their stories and experiences. By no means is an animator replacing stand-up comedian, it’s more or less complimenting the roles through a different digita... [Read More]
Using humor in Super Bowl commercials
Once a year companies open up their checkbooks and fork tons of mullah for a short commercial to air during the Super Bowl. This year, the costs ring in at roughly $4 million for a 30-second timeslot during the big game. It might seem like a crapload of cash and you’re correct, it is. The [...]Using... [Read More]
Eight ways the classic comedy Groundhog Day influenced the world
February 2, 2013 is the dirty groundhog’s 127th prognostication. In Punxsutawney, Phil was been the “true” weather forecasting groundhog since 1886. Now, we are sure a few generations of the little rodents have come and gone over the course of the years, yet the tradition reaches over a dozen decade... [Read More]
Center Stage: Bread Foster
His style is raunchy, brutal, and quite frankly a little weird. However, it is this style that has allowed him to stand out from the rest. Bread Foster has a very scattered past that he often draws from, a past that includes him being homeless, beaten, and even molested. When asked about it bread si... [Read More]
30 Reasons We’ll Miss “30 Rock”
For 7 years and 138 episodes Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer and the rest of the 30 Rock entertained us. Tomorrow night the series will end its run and go quietly into the night. The idea for the show started off really different in Fey’s mind – she wa... [Read More]
Catching up with Joe Sib before his SF Sketchfest appearance (interview)
The Laugh Button last spoke to stand-up comedian/SideOneDummy Records co-founder/manic ball of energy Joe Sib in October 2011, when his one man show, “California Calling,” was making the rounds of comedy clubs and festivals, including San Francisco’s Sketchfest. Nearly two years later, Joe’s s... [Read More]
Talking Comedy with Gilbert Gottfried (video)
We had the chance to catch up with comic legend Gilbert Gottfried for a wee bit of a chat. About what you ask? Well, Gilbert told us about his latest stand-up special and book as well as some dirty jokes. He also talked about how he became an apologist on Twitter and how his demo [...]Talking Comedy... [Read More]
Dropping in on Tom Shillue and his 12 albums in 12 months project: Lateral Thinking Puzzlers
Comedian Tom Shillue began an interesting project on November 6, 2012. Instead of releasing one traditional comedy album, Shillue decided to release 12 albums in the next 12 months. This month’s release is his third and titled Lateral Thinking Puzzlers. This ambitious project seems to be worki... [Read More]