Dave Chappelle on Hartford incident, ‘I won’t even go back to Hartford for f*ckin’ gas’
Last Thursday night we broke the story that Dave Chappelle had problems with the crowd during the Hartford stop of the Oddball Comedy Fest. Resulting in him performing for a brief period of time, kill some time, and then leave the stage after the unruly crowd wouldn’t let him perform. This pas... [Read More]
What lies ahead for Kurt Braunohler (interview)
Kurt Braunohler recently returned to New York City to celebrate the release of his new special, How Do I Land?, alongside Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, Hannibal Buress, Nick Turner, and Ted Leo. Here he talks about releasing the special, and what lies ahead for him. You can catch Kurt at one of many sh... [Read More]
Many comedy fans will have to pay more to see ‘The League,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ and ‘Totally Biased’ on FXX
Tonight, FXX will officially launch it’s first season of programming. The network, which is the comedy spinoff of FX will kick off by taking its top FX comedy shows – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which returns revamped as a d... [Read More]
The best jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco
Well last night was the night we’ve been waiting for as Comedy Central set its sights on the one and only James Franco. The shows was a turning point for the network and it’s roasts for they managed to hook a whale. It wasn’t just the roast of another comedian, or a figure who embo... [Read More]
The Hot Streaks of Bill Murray
Hot Streaks is a look at the times when comedians at the height of their power. Comedy comes in waves, and with it comedians ride the success of public adoration and creativeness. During these times (usually around 5 years), comedians are putting out some of their most successful projects. So with t... [Read More]
Dave Chappelle reportedly has onstage meltdown in Hartford [UPDATED]
Although the Dave Chappelle-headlined Funny or Die Oddball Festival is only four dates old, it ran into some trouble tonight in Hartford. According to an audience member that was at the show, after performing for about 10 minutes, Chappelle stopped his routine, claiming that people in front wer... [Read More]
Book review: Marc Maron ‘Attempting Normal’
Marc Maron wants to connect the dots of his life, little or big instances that stick out to him and reference one another. I think for the most part we all do. Some are more obsessive about it than others. It’s likely that people who aren’t religious or spiritual are more inclined to thi... [Read More]
Album review: Kurt Braunohler, ‘How Do I Land?’
Label his comedy agenda esoteric—he admits it may be so—but Kurt Braunohler’s consistently bringing the silly and absurd into a few lives at a time, and in telling us about it, he inspires us to do so as well. How Do I Land? hit the digital libraries and shelves two days ago via Ki... [Read More]