An interview with My Damn Channel creator, Rob Barnett
During the madness of Just For Laughs we got the chance to sit down with the founder of My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett. Barnett and My Damn Channel are about to celebrate its 5th year in business. We sat down to talk with Barnett to get advice on the changing state of the industry and [...] ... [Read More]
Just For Laughs: Anthony Jeselnik and an evening with Leon Black
Get Up and Go! Just For Laughs Montreal is in full swing as the city is filled with everybody comedy related. We had the opportunity to catch some funny shows and wanted to share with you, our beloved TLB audience. Down at the Underworld venue for Caligula (if you don’t know it, look it up) [.... [Read More]
Review: Gary Gulman “No Can Defend”
Stand up and pay attention because Gary Gulman is about to break it down. No Can Defend is the comedian’s second release, first for Comedy Central Records and from the start; the comedian sets the tone – slightly neurotic, cautious but damn is it funny. Gulman is no newbie to the stand-up scene he’s... [Read More]
Primetime Emmy Nominations, a look at the comedy categories
This morning Jimmy Kimmel, (who really spiffed up for the event by not getting out of his pajamas) and Kerry Washington delivered the nominees of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. It was a great year for comedy with a lot of favorites getting noms with some new favorites also making some splashes. Oh ... [Read More]
The Adventures Of Pete And Pete… the reunion is happening! Tickets on sale this week
Be sure to mark your calendar for August 28th ’cause you have business to attend to. Cinefamily and FYF is presenting the The Adventures of Pete and Pete… the reunion at the Orpheum in Los Angeles. This is being billed as a once in a lifetime event featuring “virtually the entire populat... [Read More]
5 Lessons We Learned From Matt Braunger’s “Shovel Fighter”
Matt Braunger’s special Shovel Fighter premiered this weekend. It was his first hour-long stand-up special and taught us a lot about life. Here are five pieces of sagely life advice we learned from Matt’s his special. ... [Read More]
Your Guide To Comedy At Comic-Con 2012
It’s that time of the year again: The San Diego Comic-Con is only days away now, and hopefully you scored your tickets already because the event that brought a total of 125,000 visitors to California last year has been sold out for quite a while now. Apart from the usual fan favorites, you should de... [Read More]
Please Be Offended: An Interview With Jim Norton
Unabashed sweetheart/creep Jim Norton talks Ozzy Osbourne, Patrice O’Neal, The Opie and Anthony Show and and his new one-hour special, Please Be Offended, airing Saturday on Epix. You had two previous HBO specials plus the Down and Dirty with Jim Norton showcase. How did Epix come into consideration... [Read More]
The Best of Seasons 1 and 2 of “Louie”
Season 3 of Louie premieres this week! Who is psyched? Trick question, you all should be. So before you hear the “Louie! Louie! Louie! Louieee!” intro song, we figured we’d find our favorite moments of the first two seasons. ... [Read More]
How improv comedy makes me a better parent to my autistic daughter
Seriously, I can’t bitch. I’ve gotten everything I asked for. As a kid, I had only one prayer: “Jesus Christ (for, that was my God) please make my life not so boring.” Action was what I expected out of suburban Ohio and I got it. In Ohio, yes even in... [Read More]