Laughspin’s look inside comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Part 9)
EDINBURGH – Todd Barry knows his food. He has a whole “food chunk” in his act. His quest for food has created awkward exchanges on Twitter with the Kansas City Airport and followers from Los Angeles. Yet, when I ask him what’s good to eat here ... [Read More]
Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis set to shoot political comedy flick
Though plans for the movie were discussed earlier this year, we finally have some hard details on the new comedy, Southern Rivals, starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. It looks like the pair and co. will head down to New Orleans to begin shoo... [Read More]
Interview with Retta, aka, Parks and Recreation’s Donna, aka, the Incognegro
How many pharmaceutical researchers with pre-med degrees from Duke have gone on to a career in stand-up? You can count them on one finger—Retta, who delivers the sass as Donna Meagle, pro-dater, Benz-lover, and stalwart employee of the Pawnee Parks a... [Read More]
Laughspin’s look inside comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Part 8)
Edinburgh — Let’s talk about the c-word. The c-bomb. The country without a tree. She-who-must-not-be-named. When “bitch” isn’t doing the trick. We know the word. A word I once vowed to never utter – until I met one. It’s strong, it’s vul... [Read More]
Watch David Letterman address terrorist death threat in Top 10 list
Last week, we told you about the death threat levied against David Letterman via an Al-Quaeda message board. You see, on a recent episode of Late Show, Letterman made a joke about the recent death of suspected terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri. And som... [Read More]
Watch comedian Henry Phillips host a terribly funny cooking show
Forget everything you know about cooking. Well, at least, forget everything you know about cooking properly and actually eating what you make. A new web series made by musical comedian Henry Phillips (Punching the Clown) shows how cooking can be an h... [Read More]
Laughspin’s look inside comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Part 5)
EDINBURGH — Nazis are hilarious! That statement might be a tough sell but dare I say Frank Sinazi has pulled it off. Crooning hits such as “Third Reich” (That’s Life), “Gestapo” (Chicago), or “Strangers on my Plane” (Stranger in the Night), Sin... [Read More]
Marc Maron: “This Has To Be Funny” (Review)
Marc Maron’s newest album – his fourth – This Has To Be Funny, was released Aug. 9. From a journalistic perspective, I’ve already failed you. I should’ve had this review posted on Laughspin by Aug. 8, at the very latest— so that you, the reader, woul... [Read More]
Eddie Murphy will voice movie version of 1970s animated show “Hong Kong Phooey”
A big screen animated feature version of Hanna-Barbera’s 1974 TV series Hong Kong Phooey has been green-lit with Eddie Murphy voicing the protagonist hero. It’s totally understandable that movie execs have been inspired by the piles of mo... [Read More]
Watch Stephen Colbert’s pair of Super PAC ads and you’ll never look at corn the same way
If the Colbert Super PAC’s official government papers weren’t enough to convince you that the organization is legit, maybe these new videos will convince you. This week, the organization released its first two TV ads, debuting with “Episode IV: A New... [Read More]