Videos: Conan ends NYC week with Louis C.K., Triumph, Stewart, Colbert and a gay wedding!
Last night’s Conan, the show’s final New York City taping, was so epic that we couldn’t just pick one highlight to share with you guys. If I had to choose, the return of Triumph was the best part of the show. But, really, Louis C.K.... [Read More]
Louis C.K. to offer new comedy special on his official site, exclusively
Louis C.K. is recording his next hour-long special on Nov. 10 at the Beacon Theater in New York City. But like most other things he does in the comedy industry, he’s doing it on his own terms. Check it out. During his appearance on Conan tonigh... [Read More]
Watch comedian Rob Delaney tell MTV about him suing Kim Kardashian
On Monday, we told you about comedian Rob Delaney’s plan to sue Kim Kardashian for filing for divorce after only 72 days of marriage. His reasoning is simple: “…when you wrap your marriage vows around a cubic zirconia encrusted base... [Read More]
Watch Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in the first trailer for David Wain’s “Wanderlust”
Years ago, I became that type of person — and I believe there are many — who will watch pretty much anything Paul Rudd is in– movies, guest spots on corny network shows, Tim and Eric appearances, viral videos, whatever. So the chanc... [Read More]
“Parks and Recreation” launches exclusive webisodes tonight! (Video)
Listen, I love Parks and Rec for all the right reasons and the characters are fantastic. But my love for April and Andy grows every goddamn week. And after tonight’s episode, NBC is going to release five webisodes based around tonight’s showing, titl... [Read More]
Tim Heidecker will release a Herman Cain-themed music album
Just when I thought I couldn’t fall in love with Tim Heidecker any more, he slaps me in the face with his genius and I bow at his feet. Over the last week or so, Heidecker has been posting Herman Cain-themed songs on his Tumblr account. “Cain Train” ... [Read More]
Brett Ratner receives lifetime achievement award as “Tower Heist” hits theaters tomorrow
Brett Ratner was recently honored at The Friars’ Club in New York City during the third annual Friars’ Club Comedy Film Festival produced by powerhouse Exec. Director Charlie Prince, and his team, including Director of Communications, Jai... [Read More]
Comedian T.J. Miller is a good samaritan with a checkered past (Video)
When comedian T.J. Miller kindly returns a lost cell phone to a fully-tatted “urban” type, he’s greeted not just by the phone-less dude but also by his threatening-like posse. So we immediately know things are not going to finish sm... [Read More]
Watch Jonah Hill, Rob Riggle, Nick Offerman, more in the red band trailer for “21 Jump Street”
If you’re old enough, you might remember accidentally watching Johnny Depp’s first big Hollywood gig each week on the old television when you were like 10 or 11 years old. It was a crime/drama called 21 Jump Street about a group of underc... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman and friends raise money for NAACP at “glorious” anti-Rick Perry show
Sarah Silverman has never shied away from employing racial slurs in her comedy, but she’s always maintained that—like any good comedian—she’s making a larger point about racism when she uses racist language, rather than exploiting offensive terms mer... [Read More]