Watch the first trailer for Judd Apatow’s ‘Five-Year Engagement’
It doesn’t take a seasoned Hollywood analyst to know that 2012 is going to be a big year for Jason Segel. The comedic actor and writer is currently riding the wave of The Muppets success. And in the first quarter of next year he’ll be co-headlining T... [Read More]
Why is Will Ferrell in these Old Milwaukee beer commercials?
As the year is wrapping up, many “Best of 2011″ including our very own Best Comedy Albums of 2011 and Laughspin’s Reader Choice Comedy Awards. However, a ‘best of’ that should be considered is the Best Comedian Endorseme... [Read More]
Bill Maher will help launch Yahoo! comedy channel
Bill Maher has a long-standing relationship with HBO, having made nine stand-up specials for the cable network since 1989, plus nine seasons and counting of his talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher. But for his latest special, Maher is moving away fr... [Read More]
Mindy Kaling will lend her voice to new animated project for NBC
Multi-tasking Office star Mindy Kaling is set to write and lend her voice to a new animated comedy series for NBC. It’s part of a deal that centers around Greg Daniels – executive producer of The Office and Parks and Recreation – joining forces with ... [Read More]
The ‘Three Stooges’ movie trailer is terrible, awful and also terrible
Maybe it’s the fact that the latest film adaptation of the Muppets was so great or the fact that slapstick comedy doesn’t hold up like it used to in the hey day of the Three Stooges, but the newest trailer for the Farrelly Brothers’... [Read More]
Let’s take a long, hard look at Comedy Central’s development slate for 2011-2012
This morning Comedy Central released its development slate for 2011-12. So, what does that mean? Basically, it’s a giant list of shows the network is officially working on for the next year. An incredibly small number of these shows will actually see... [Read More]
Inside Patrice O’Neal’s ‘going home’ services
The comedy world is still in shock from the passing of the great Patrice O’Neal. I attended the services for Patrice Monday at the Park Avenue Christian Church, on 85th Street and Park Avenue in New York City. I purposely did not use the word &... [Read More]
Watch Jimmy Fallon give Steve Martin a homemade Grammy
Remember the days of Steve Martin when he did stand-up? The Great Flydini, Martin making balloon animals, making a joke “just for plumbers?” So many comedy fans and fans of Steve Martin get nostalgic over such memories, which are convenie... [Read More]
Comedian Brody Stevens to Kevin Nealon: ‘I’m on heavy meds’ (Video)
You may remember comedian Brody Stevens’ apparent meltdown in August. He pretty much kept us abreast of his every move through his Twitter feed @AllThingsBrody. At the time, most people didn’t know what to make of it. Laughspin writer Jake Kroeger pu... [Read More]
Danger 5: A comedy web series you should be watching
If someone told you that a hilarious sixties-inspired WWII action comedy web series just started, you might guess that it’s on Adult Swim or perhaps part of MTV’s relaunching of Liquid TV. However, the hysterical Danger 5 isn’t on a... [Read More]