What we learned about Stephen Colbert from the New York Times magazine
We all knew that there was Stephen Colbert, the man, and Stephen Colbert, the character on television. Well, The New York Times‘ Charles McGrath tells us there’s a third Colbert– his televised persona interacting with our reality. &... [Read More]
Watch Tina Fey eat a sandwich with Questlove, talk 30 Rock with Fallon and more!
The time is almost here, folks: 30 Rock‘s new season premieres tomorrow at 8 pm ET on NBC! And to celebrate, Tina Fey — Liz Lemon, herself — dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night; and in her 16-minute appearance, she ac... [Read More]
Watch Tom Scharpling’s newest, brilliant music video featuring Chris Gethard and more!
If there was such a realm of music videos that could have a ruler, Tom Scharpling would undoubtedly be king. The host of The Best Show on WFMU and podcast Low Times has made his mark bridging some of the best in comedy with some of the best in music ... [Read More]
Paul Rudd will face off against Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation
Now that the 2012 presidential primaries have kicked off, I find myself wishing that we might someday have a candidate who’s earnest, charismatic, committed, compassionate and honest. Kind of like, oh, I don’t know, Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knop... [Read More]
Megan Mullally reveals details about the Party Down movie
Every day we get a little bit closer to the reality of another fantastic, cancelled-too-soon television show making its return on the big screen. Arrested Development, anyone? Fans of the two short seasons of Party Down were excited to hear that a m... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais outlines his plans for hosting the Golden Globes
There are few people unaware of the controversy cause by comedian, writer, actor and podcaster Ricky Gervais during his hosting gig at the Golden Globe Awards last year. Anyone who was not familiar with the comic and his sense of humor previously, go... [Read More]
Comedy Bang Bang will become a television show on IFC
IFC has started their comedy programming in 2012 off with a “bang.” There has been an incredible amount of hype surrounding the second season of Portlandia (and for good reason) with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, not to mention thei... [Read More]
Kathy Griffin lands her own talk show
Bravo loves Kathy Griffin. For nearly 10 years, the comedian has been a constant presence on the cable network, with stand-up specials, a reality show and hosting duties. Now Griffin’s relationship with the network will continue with her latest proje... [Read More]
Review: Tom Papa’s ‘Live in New York City’ is a satisfying slab of honest comedy
It’s been six years since the comedy world has had access to a new, proper Tom Papa album. And even then, although it was excellent, his album Calm, Cool & Collected was only 35 minutes! Boo! Also, hiss. Luckily, it’s not like Papa has been gone... [Read More]
The Laughspin interview with Dan Telfer
Comedy fans know Dan Telfer from his stints as an opener for the likes of Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn. He’s familiar to podcast listeners, particularly fans of Doug Loves Movies and The Benson Interruption. He also gained buzz from ... [Read More]