New Bill Hicks EP to be released Dec. 13
Three days before what would have been Bill Hicks’ 50th birthday, a five-track EP — 12/16/61 (the late comedian’s birthday) — will be released for digital download. Clocking in at 15 minutes and 13 seconds, the collection incl... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon to release first comedy album since terrible 2002 album
Two years before Jimmy Fallon exited Saturday Night Live, just as he was building steam as a standout sketch player (and the one SNL cast member who laughed during sketches even when he didn’t need to), he released his first comedy album. Strik... [Read More]
Despite leading actor status, Steve Buscemi can’t shake creep roles on SNL
I prepared for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live by watching Fargo twice, hoping that the show would present even a quick reference to the classic Steve Buscemi movie. Alas, it was not to be. But still, Buscemi did a competent job as h... [Read More]
Parks and Rec: Leslie endures an ethics trial, plus the triumphant return of Ethel Beavers
Now that Leslie and Ben have decided to flaunt their love in the face of the world, they have to answer to the Pawnee Ethics Committee for all of those adorable nicknames and amazing back rubs. How unpleasant. Plus, Ron learns about Google Street Vie... [Read More]
Check out an exclusive 12-minute Reggie Watts track
Internationally renowned comedian /vocalist/ beatboxer/ musician/ improvisor Reggie Watts performed at New York City’s Skirball Center on Oct. 23; he called it On Life and Quantum Entanglement. And luckily, it was all captured so his fans can e... [Read More]
Comedian George Wallace Talks about His Storied Career, Favorite Comics
Since 1977, George Wallace has been one of the classiest stand-up comedians around. His affable demeanor and instant charm have made him not only a crowd favorite, but also tremendously respected, and even revered by his peers. In 1995, Wallace won B... [Read More]
Listen to a track from Patrice O’Neal’s posthumous comedy album ‘Mr. P’
Yesterday, we gave you the great news that Patrice O’Neal recorded an album months before his death this week and that it will be released next year on Feb. 7. As you probably know, O’Neal passed away at 41 after suffering a stroke last m... [Read More]
Video: ‘My life is misery,’ Zach Galifianakis tells Jimmy Pardo
If you’re watching Conan, you’re watching “The Pardo Patrol,” right? Oh, you’ve never heard of the Pardo Patrol? You say that you only watch Conan live on TV on TBS and miss out all the extras that Team Coco posts online... [Read More]
Dane Cook breaks from stand-up comedy to get serious about acting
Divisive Dane Cook is starring in the drama Answers to Nothing, which hits theaters tomorrow. But it’s not just another movie gig for Cook. Having been away from the stand-up stage since February, this project marks a very conscious decision to... [Read More]
Grammy nominations for best comedy album not as horrible as usual
The folks at the Grammys have had a recent history of nominating some pretty questionable albums for their Best Comedy Album category. In 2008 they gave the award to Flight of the Conchords for their 23-minute EP The Distant Future (not an album). In... [Read More]