Steve Carell’s comedian interview show will premiere Jan. 26 on Showtime
It’s finally happening, folks. We first heard Steve Carell and David Steinberg were working on a documentary about comedians way back in December of last year. Three months ago we found out that Showtime had picked up the project, called Laughi... [Read More]
Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in new comedy, cites God and faith
Tyler Perry, also known as the highest paid man in entertainment, has gotten a lot of shit for casting reality star Kim Kardashian in his latest film, The Wedding Counselor, in which she plays a friend who gives the main character lots of advice abou... [Read More]
Worst school ever suspends teacher for showing Daily Show segments in class
These days, tons of young people learn about the news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And that’s a good thing – you won’t find too many media sources on television that are as incisive or intelligent as Stewart and his crew of writers. So it’s ... [Read More]
Gervais returns as Globes host, tells Crystal not to steal his pedophile jokes at the Oscars
I guess in the end, NBC and the folks who run the Golden Globes weren’t all that offended by the things Ricky Gervais said earlier this year when he was hosting the awards show. You see, the comedian will be back to host the Globes when they re... [Read More]
We hope this week’s SNL isn’t as painful as these promos with Jason Segel and Vanessa Bayer
The last few episodes of Saturday Night Live have been fairly solid. And we’re looking forward to this week’s, which features host Jason Segel, who’s pushing his movie The Muppets. We’ll assume that these painful-to-watch prom... [Read More]
Comedy Central extends “South Park” through 2016!
No surprise here, folks. Today, Comedy Central announced that it will continue airing new episodes of South Park through 2016. “The collective genius of Matt and Trey knows no bounds,” said Michele Ganeless, president of the network. R... [Read More]
Video: What happens if Patton Oswalt comes to your house, reads from his book and eats pie?
Patton Oswalt’s tome Zombie Spaceship Wasteland was released in January in hardcover. But check this out: it’s been released again– this time without that pesky hard cover. What the fuck is that made out of anyway– steel? Godd... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler inks a deal that will keep her on E! through 2014
After years of stellar ratings within desirable demographics, an incredible cross-platform visibility and mentoring a small army of up and coming stand-up comedians, it should come as no surprise that E! has renewed Chelsea Handler’s contract through... [Read More]
Pamela Anderson will be the Virgin Mary on comedian Russell Peters’ holiday special
Former Playboy Playmate and (the original?) sex-tape star Pamela Anderson is set to perform in a re-imagining of the Nativity story on CTV and The Comedy Network’s (Canada’s Comedy Central equivalent) A Russell Peters Christmas Special. The role she’... [Read More]
Watch Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling backstage, honoring Robert Downey Jr.
Where are we at on Mel Gibson these days? Is it ok to not hate is very existence anymore? It seems Hollywood – the moral compass of the world – has forgiven him for his past bouts of sexism, anti-semitism and psychological abuse layed upon his former... [Read More]