Bunk! An interview with Kurt Braunohler
During the Just For Laughs festival, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kurt Braunohler to discuss his TV show BUNK, shed some light on upcoming projects with his writing partner Kristen Schaal, and broke down the differences between American and UK comedy audiences. And if that wasn’t en... [Read More]
The Heroics of Offensive Comedy
In ancient mythology a hero was the representation of the triumphant spirit of humanity. The hero was pitted against insurmountable odds but would persevere in the end. Another less renowned character in these stories was the clown. This character re... [Read More]
An interview with My Damn Channel creator, Rob Barnett
During the madness of Just For Laughs we got the chance to sit down with the founder of My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett. Barnett and My Damn Channel are about to celebrate its 5th year in business. We sat down to talk with Barnett to get advice on the changing state of the industry and [...] ... [Read More]
Just For Laughs: Anthony Jeselnik and an evening with Leon Black
Get Up and Go! Just For Laughs Montreal is in full swing as the city is filled with everybody comedy related. We had the opportunity to catch some funny shows and wanted to share with you, our beloved TLB audience. Down at the Underworld venue for Caligula (if you don’t know it, look it up) [.... [Read More]
Review: Gary Gulman “No Can Defend”
Stand up and pay attention because Gary Gulman is about to break it down. No Can Defend is the comedian’s second release, first for Comedy Central Records and from the start; the comedian sets the tone – slightly neurotic, cautious but damn is it funny. Gulman is no newbie to the stand-up scene he’s... [Read More]
Primetime Emmy Nominations, a look at the comedy categories
This morning Jimmy Kimmel, (who really spiffed up for the event by not getting out of his pajamas) and Kerry Washington delivered the nominees of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. It was a great year for comedy with a lot of favorites getting noms with some new favorites also making some splashes. Oh ... [Read More]
Jack Carter: A Truly Underrated Comedian
Jack Carter was a hoot. His patter was rapid-fire and pointed. Coming up in the school of insult comics he held his own with Don Rickles and the rest. And while he was deserving of it he never really attained that headliner status, which is quite a s... [Read More]
The Adventures Of Pete And Pete… the reunion is happening! Tickets on sale this week
Be sure to mark your calendar for August 28th ’cause you have business to attend to. Cinefamily and FYF is presenting the The Adventures of Pete and Pete… the reunion at the Orpheum in Los Angeles. This is being billed as a once in a lifetime event featuring “virtually the entire populat... [Read More]
5 Lessons We Learned From Matt Braunger’s “Shovel Fighter”
Matt Braunger’s special Shovel Fighter premiered this weekend. It was his first hour-long stand-up special and taught us a lot about life. Here are five pieces of sagely life advice we learned from Matt’s his special. ... [Read More]
Adam Norwest: Standout Comedy
To be a success as a stand-up comic you need to be one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s your material, personality, looks, or even age, a comic must be unique. When you’re stand-up comedian Adam Norwest, you have all four going for you.What makes ... [Read More]