Checking out My Damn Channel Live during the New York Comedy Festival (photos)
The New York Comedy Festival started this Wednesday and kicking off the week of amazing comedy events was My Damn Channel LIVE at the Ace Hotel. Beth Hoyt and friend Trish Nelson hosted the night of comedy and if you’ve ever seen them at their weekly show, Big Effin’ Deal, you know that ... [Read More]
The science of comedy with Dan Telfer (interview)
Dan Telfer is a comedian currently hanging out in the Midwest riding a wave of some very successful Youtube videos that have allowed him to record shows for BBC and the Science Channel. He’s been named a best comedian of the year and earned a best album of the year recognition by The Onion A.V... [Read More]
A list of comedy benefit shows to help Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts
Way too many people on the East Coast are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Some just lost power, some flooded, while others lost literally their entire homes and memories. As they’re prone to do, the comedy community is rallying to help out those still hurting from the storm. From... [Read More]
An Interview with the Forever Honest Susie Essman
Actress and comedian Susie Essman is amazingly cool.She’s a brash New Yorker and a confident woman. She has a great heart, and can make you laugh as easily as she can make you think. Essman is smart and honest – the only way she knows how... [Read More]
Comedian Luenell: The Next Hollywood Powerhouse?
From her breakout role as the “stripper with a heart of gold” in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, to her recurring roles in movies starring Adam Sandler, to her most recent appearance in the blockbuster film Taken 2, Luenell has establish... [Read More]
George Wallace: The Flamingo Kid
I have always been a huge fan of George Wallace. His comedy is hilarious and his social commentary spot-on. Some time back I found George on Twitter, where he cracks jokes just before going on stage at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.I’m a fan ... [Read More]
Soul Joel Richardson: The Soul of Staten Island
Soul Joel Richardson proves if you want something bad enough, you gotta work for it.After being encouraged to take on stand-up by a frat brother, Joel knew it was his avenue to the success he felt destined to achieve. A graduate of Staten Island̵... [Read More]
All About Lena Dunham
Hollywood is full of “IT” girls that become famous for a certain attraction that makes her and whatever she does: fashionista, blogger, or regular club rat irresistible to the world.While the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan used to grace the ... [Read More]
New single from Patrice O’Neal to be released on Nov. 6, hear it now
It’s been almost a year since Patrice O’Neal passed away. On November 6th, though, we’ll get to hear previously unreleased material from the comedian in the form of a new single called “Better Than You.” Recorded on April 17, 2011 at the DC Improv, this 20 minute single was originally considered for... [Read More]
The Untold Legacy of Alan Kirschenbaum
Death is shit. It’s one big ball of shit. Sometimes we go through our whole lives not realizing how much of an impact a stranger can make on us. Then one day, poof, they’re no longer there to be thanked or even ignored.Whether it ‘s a stranger openin... [Read More]