T.J. Miller talks about his harsh criticism of Dane Cook
If you’ve been following the TMZ-ish look into stand-up comedy recently, you’ll know that comedians TJ Miller called out Dane Cook in a Twitter rant about his drop in set at the Hollywood Laugh Factory for being unnecessarily mean and gro... [Read More]
Watch Steven Wright and Craig Ferguson try to out-weird each other
While the traditional formula of a two-hander still works to this day (one plays “straight,” one plays crazy), a pair playing crazy in their own respective ways can be one of the most delightful things to watch. Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel... [Read More]
Watch Stephen Colbert’s brilliant response to Rick Santorum’s handling of crazy racist woman
Old people say the darndest things, don’t they? “Get my medicine, I’m dying.” “My grandson is so handsome.” “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” We’ve heard it all before. But we... [Read More]
Bridesmaids and other comedies will represent strong at the Oscars
And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to…Kristen Wiig! Best Actor…Patton Oswalt! Best Picture…Bridesmaids! Or so we wish. The Oscar nominations came in this morning and it was a great year for comedy in film! This year, the Academy will recognize many ... [Read More]
New comedy ‘Unsupervised’ means more edgy animation for FX (Video)
This past Thursday, FX debuted their all new animated comedy Unsupervised. Helmed by writers and producers of the network’s hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the series follows the lives of two optimistic teenage boys, Gary and Joel, tryin... [Read More]
Watch a scene from Mike Birbiglia’s movie ‘Sleepwalk With Me’
The movie version of comedian Mike Birbiglia’s award-winning off-Broadway one-man show Sleepwalk With Me just premiered this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT, to great acclaim. Most of us, however, won’t be able to see ... [Read More]
Shock Therapy: Comedy and Controversy
Remember when Russell Brand caught heat from the Disability Alliance for referring to the Paralympic Games as a “novelty?” Comedians are infamous for their off-color jokes and crossing the line. Over this past year we have seen some of our favo... [Read More]
Andy Kindler: Saturday Night Shins ‘n Giggles
What’s that? You want more Andy Kindler? Happy to oblige. Saturday’s late show, the final of his four-show standup engagement at Toronto’s Comedy Bar, brought out a packed house of troublemakers. Oh, things got wild. If you know Kindler&... [Read More]
Religious group’s outrage over Jay Leno’s Mitt Romney is a bit overblown
Jay Leno, as much as he takes flak from audiences and comedians alike, generally isn’t on the receiving end of critique for particularly edgy or offensive jokes. Sure, he’s had his share of Tonight Show-related debacles, but Leno doesn’t have a reput... [Read More]
Comedy booker slammed for shady dealings tells his side of the story
Back in October, we reported about a comedy booker from Sioux Falls, SD. His name is Brian Eugene Abrahamson and, according to industry sources, he had ripped off a handful of comedians– promising them a flat rate to perform and then ended up p... [Read More]