Louis C.K. headed back to ‘Parks and Recreation’
Remember when Louis C.K. popped up on Parks and Recreation for a bunch of episodes in 2009? Well, he’s coming back to reprise his role as a Pawnee police officer and love interest to Amy Poehler’s manic character Leslie Knope. C.K.’... [Read More]
Dunder Mifflin paper from ‘The Office’ is real and you can buy it
I really love when life imitates art, especially when companies manufacture fake products from TV shows and movies. Did you know, for example, that you can actually buy Stay Puft Marshmallows? And Sex Panther Cologne? Sixty percent of the time, it se... [Read More]
Watch the full ‘After Lately’ season premiere; Jenny McCarthy guest stars
If you didn’t catch the premiere of After Lately last night on E!, you missed a lot of action. Brad Wollack ends up pissing off the entire community of Autistic citizens– at least, that’s what Jenny McCarthy tells him. Chris Franjola find... [Read More]
Mike E. Winfield Finds Fame at “The Office”
Mike E. Winfield’s celebrity has been growing steadily after landing a role on NBC’s Emmy winning comedy “The Office.” The hard-working stand-up comedian spoke with AmericasComedy about his upcoming tour, which includes a thre... [Read More]
The Top 10 Hottest Female Comedians
This list comprises women who are real stand-up comics, or at least have stand-up comedy experience before moving on to bigger and better things. It’s a run-down that strives to stay true to the medium at hand. We’re not cherry picking Ho... [Read More]
The Softer Side of Lisa Lampanelli
Known best for her scathing roasts and even dubbed “The Queen of Mean,” Lisa Lampanelli has never been accused of being a nice person. Except by almost everyone she’s ever worked with. “I am absolutely aware that I am a softy ... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler’s new TV gigs, Diablo Cody revamping ‘Sweet Valley High’
Amidst all the uproar of the most recent half-naked picture of Kristen Wiig in GQ for being “bro of the year” and the NY Times letting the whole world know that female comedians are pushing the boundaries of taste and succeeding, there i... [Read More]
Review: The Muppets movie is everything you want it to be
Maybe it was the wine (thanks, Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, for your always wonderful food service!), but as I watched The Muppets, I could not stop smiling. I admit it: I was nervous before the film began. The Muppets hold so much cultural cache: wou... [Read More]
Photo challenge: Can you name everyone in Chelsea Handler’s posse?
The easiest way to judge whether a television show is successful is to take a look at its ratings. The higher, the better if you didn’t know. Another tell-tale sign a show is doing well: when a completely separate second show about the making of the ... [Read More]
GQ names Kristen Wiig ‘bro’ of the year, posts half naked photo (to show her like a bro)
It seems every now and again, GQ tries to act like they give a shit about comedy. In July, a half-naked Mila Kunis adorned the cover of their fourth annual comedy issue. It was a progressive step, I guess, because men usually end up on the comedy iss... [Read More]