Seth McFarlane: "We're not the best fricking show on TV" | Chortle
"American Dad emerged from our anger towards the Bush administration during the previous election. Family Guy was dead at the time, so I got together with the other writers and we were all so pissed off that it looked like he was going to win again, so we thought, ‘Let's channel all this rage into something creative', and American Dad came out of that. Stan very much epitomises that extreme post 9/11 conservative Republicanism, who just sees enemies wherever he looks." [Read More]
Dealing with Family Matters through Comedy in Nigeria
Stand-Up Comedy is a fast rising form of entertainment in Nigeria. At one time or another many have worked hard dealing with family or personal crises. Chinyere Okoye spoke with Jude Ogomegbunam Chukwuka on this issue. [Read More]
Family Guy wins court battle over song copyright issue
Creators of the US television show Family Guy did not infringe copyright when they transformed the song When You Wish Upon a Star for comical use in an episode, a US judge ruled. [Read More]
Of Course The Parents Television Council Hates Family Guy
The Parents Television Council is filing an indecency complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Fox's "Family Guy" for a March 8 episode that included — and this is from the press release — "bestiality, orgies and babies eating sperm." [Read More]