Steen Raskopoulos review – fruitful but uneasy audience participation
Underbelly Cowgate, EdinburghNot every audience member press-ganged into taking part in the Australian’s sketches has the confidence to keep up with a stellar performerTricky business, this audience participation. A whole genre of comedy has bloomed over the last few years, propelling this mos... [Read More]
Edinburgh comedy review – Brexit, Trump and sex-mad chimpanzees
Reginald D Hunter spurns good taste, Sara Pascoe goes solo, and Jan Ravens is everyone elseTop calls in this year’s fringe comedy bingo – where punters make a mental tick each time jokes on the same subjects occur in shows – are (as you might expect) Donald Trump, Brexit, running t... [Read More]
Trumped out: why the fringe can't keep up with 2017
From Trumpageddon to Brexit: The Musical, many would-be topical crowdpleasers at this year’s fringe can’t match the manic pace of real-life news eventsThis would be a bad time to try to hire a blond fright wig from a theatrical costumier. The ones that aren’t being worn, combed for... [Read More]
Phoebe Walsh: 'We've all spent five minutes looking for the right emoji'
She self-eviscerates in the style of tragic Instagram feeds and harvests jokes from unsent tweets. But comedian Phoebe Walsh’s twitchy social-media spin is revitalising singleton standup at Edinburgh this yearDuring her debut solo show, I’ll Have What She’s Having, comic Phoebe Wal... [Read More]
Alexei Sayle, Dolly Parton and payback time for critics: Edinburgh festival 2017 shows – in pictures
The Edinburgh festival 2017 runs the gamut from immersive political theatre to gender-questioning dance to standup comebacks – here’s a selection of shows photographed by Murdo MacLeod Continue reading...... [Read More]
Kiri Pritchard-McLean review – thorny issues tackled with sharp wit
Pleasance CourtyardVoluntary work with vulnerable children is an unlikely subject for comedy but this show is packed with plenty of insights – and laughsEven at a festival where comedians routinely tackle thorny subjects, the matter of Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s new show feels unlikely: App... [Read More]
Dave Johns review – heartwarming tale of late-in-life change from I, Daniel Blake star
Pleasance Dome, EdinburghJohns was ready to quit standup until Ken Loach came calling. His fringe return is full of humility and unpretentious good humourCinderella can’t touch this. Two years ago, Dave Johns was about to quit standup after 30 years and start selling donkey rides. Then Ken Loa... [Read More]
Why I wrote a comedy show about incontinence | Elaine Miller
As a physiotherapist, I know a third of women don’t have reliable body control. I wanted to raise awareness of this taboo subject at Edinburgh festivalI’m a physiotherapist, and as a fresh-faced graduate, my ambition was to work in elite sports. I did it, too, thriving on team spirit, tr... [Read More]