The Austentatious guide to the Edinburgh fringe 1815
How did visitors to the world’s biggest arts festival conduct themselves among the city’s novelty potato shops in the Regency era? This information has been unearthed as part of the Fringe Reconstruction Society and appears to be an entirely genuine, definitely bona fide tourist guide to... [Read More]
Tom Allen's comedy space odyssey: finding the right sized room for standup
A huge, brightly lit stage? It feels like a cell. A mic propped right in front of the audience? You can see if they’re not smilingIn an age when a generation experiences TV series on a laptop balanced precariously on their chest, standup comedy is about coming together and being part of someth... [Read More]
“Millennial” Alex Edelman lands on Edinburgh Fringe’s shortlist for 2014 awards
The shortlist of nominees for Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards from this 2014 EdFringe are out, and among the Brits and Aussies is one young Yank -- 25-year-old American Alex Edelman, with his first EdFringe show, "Millennial." Edelman started performing stand-up and soaking up the scene in Boston w... [Read More]
“What Would Beyonce Do?” Luisa Omielan’s one-woman spectacular makes its U.S. debut
Have you heard The Beatles arrived in the United States 50 years ago this month? Yes. We've heard. We've all heard. The onslaught of 50th anniversary reminders bring with them a slew of memories and expectations that remain unfair to every other British performing act looking to invade, infiltrate a... [Read More]
Greg Proops
Stateside Greg Proops may be primarily known for his improv alongside Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but when it comes to the U.K.’s discerning stand-up audiences, he’s a pretty big deal. And justifiably so: His two-week Edinburgh Fest... [Read More]
Shane Mauss: Mating Season
There are comedy festivals, and there is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Just ask Shane Mauss, whose self-spoken intro welcomed his small but amiable audience to “the finest comedy room in a car park in all of the Fringe! He’s been on Conan a bunch of times, Jimmy Kimmel and lots of other... [Read More]
Craig Campbell: Thrilling Mic Hunt
Over the past week at George Street’s Assembly Rooms, I’ve seen audiences emerging wild-eyed and dazed from Craig Campbell’s sold-out shows; the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has even added a few late-night shows to his run. A member of popular U.K. tour The Lumberjacks, he received a ... [Read More]