Don Rickles Launches ‘Mr. Warmth’ Application at 85-Years-Old
Don Rickles has released his first ever mobile application – at 85 years old! The legendary stand-up comedian is staying in fashion and delivering laughs at the same time. His new app is called “Mr. Warmth,” honoring the ironic nickname g... [Read More]
The serious side of making people laugh: David Steinberg's 'Inside Comedy' | LA Times
Larry David, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Don Rickles are among those discussing the business of being funny for David Steinberg's 'Inside Comedy' series. [Read More]
Steve Carell and David Steinberg Making a Documentary About Comedy
Steve Carell and David Steinberg are working on a documentary chronicling the evolution of comedy over the past 60 years. So far, they've talked to "veterans Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Lily Tomlin, Don Rickles, and Carol Burnett, trendsetters Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Judd Apatow and Robin Williams, more recent stars Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Jane Lynch, and Tina Fey [Read More]
What makes Don Rickles laugh? | chicago tribune interview
The last great entertainer from the Rat Pack orbit, Rickles at 83 still has comedic timing like a gunslinger. Sit close enough to the stage, make eye contact and you can be called a hockey puck, or worse. Speaking with Rickles by phone from Los Angeles, we asked him about the state of comedy in 2009. [Read More]
Don Rickles to receive Legend Award from TV Land
Don Rickles has been tapped to receive the Legend Award at the TV Land Awards. Kudos will be taped April 19 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City and aired 8 p.m. April 26 on TV Land. [Read More]
Don Rickles still serves up quick wit - The Daily Journal Interview
Don Rickles is the Lewis & Clark of comedy. Even at age 82, he's still finding new career paths to explore. [Read More]
Don Rickles interview: Hey, hockey puck, it's just a role he plays.
An Emmy-winning veteran of stage and screen for more than 45 years, Rickles now finds himself entertaining through the written word. After the success of 2007's "Rickles' Book," the comedian has released "Rickles' Letters" (written with David Ritz, Simon & Schuster, $25), a collection of unsent letters that take issue with living, dead and fictitious characters such Jimmy Carter, Benjamin Franklin, Santa Claus and Mr. Potato Head (for whom he did the voice in the "Toy Story" films). Here he dis... [Read More]