Our visit to the You Know What Dude! podcast
The other day we stopped by the studios above NYC’s Comedy Cellar for a taping of Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude! podcast. It was the second time we were invited on the show and what a difference time makes. Robert began the podcast a few years ago just taping it on his phone to [...]... [Read More]
Learn the History of “That’s What She Said”
Although most people today associate “That’s What She Said” with The Office and high-fiving bros, the phrase actually has a storied history pre-dating women’s suffrage. We would go into detail, but we’ll leave that to es... [Read More]
Watch Stand-Up from the South Beach Comedy Festival Online
Did you want to go check out the South Beach Comedy Festival but couldn't because you are John Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble? Or maybe you couldn't go because you are John Travolta in Michael, and you've used up all your tr... [Read More]
Dan Soder takes NY; Landry wins Boston in dueling 2011 contest finals
In an odd scheduling move, both the New York's Funniest competition and the Boston Comedy Festival competition held their finals on the same evening last night. Of course, there could only be two winners, then. No chance of someone sweeping the doubl... [Read More]