Alfie Brown review – a standup set of sly charm and self-doubt
Soho theatre, LondonBrown gives us a show of two halves, with endearing routines about early fatherhood leading to social commentaryWhat a change in Alfie Brown! Three years ago, he announced himself with a show full of passionate intensity, critiquing culture and the comedy industry. His fierceness... [Read More]
Stealing Bill Cosby's jokes: a standup's act of revenge or redemption?
Ellen DeGeneres writer Greg Fitzsimmons is using Cosby’s material in his own routines. It’s unclear if the aim is to punish the performer or just celebrate good jokes Given the allegations against Bill Cosby, can we ever enjoy his jokes again? Should other comedians tell them? And has he... [Read More]
Shaved and savage: has comedian Margaret Cho finally gone too far?
She has bust every taboo going. But has the caustic comic gone too far with her new song about rape? She talks about being accused of racism, falling out with Tracey Emin – and why she loves British audiencesMargaret Cho’s latest single is called I Want to Kill My Rapist. In the video, C... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Bill Bailey | Séance Fiction: The Improvised Haunting | BeardymanHe may not be as constant a presence on TV as he was in the heyday of his Never Mind The Buzzcocks captaincy and turn as Dylan Moran’s foil in Black Books, but Bill Bailey continues to excel in his solo live work, playing ... [Read More]
Amy Schumer is a 'sex comic' – and a radical one at that
The US comedian is frustrated at having been labelled, but she should be pleased with the responses to her frank and challenging HBO specialIs Amy Schumer a “sex comic”? That’s the debate that has been raging in the US since her HBO special Live at the Apollo was screened on 17 Oct... [Read More]
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse: Legends! review – gentle pleasure of old acquaintances
Brighton CentreA familiar cast of indelible comic characters and pithy catchphrases imbue the veteran duo’s live show with a comforting glowTo open their first live show, commemorating 25 years of working together, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse enter as the Old Gits. The gag, of course, is... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Just For Graphs | Sarah Millican: Outsider | Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse: Legends!While it might have seemed appropriate when they started out, the name of this trio now seems a little out of date. Because, while a comedy show focused on science might once have s... [Read More]
Shappi Khorsandi: my family values
The comedian talks about her family’s exile from Iran and using humour to defuse the fear of regular death threats to her fatherMy earliest memories growing up in Tehran were the kittens in my grandmother’s house. We moved to London in 1979 when I was six. At that time my father, Hadi, w... [Read More]
Frankie Boyle review – sick jokes used as hand grenades
Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-SeaBoyle delivers his vicious one-liners as palate cleansers between heartfelt routines beating us for our bovine acquiescence to political authority“It’s not always a happy talent, being reflexively horrible to people,” says Frankie Boyle. “But i... [Read More]
Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci on how to be funny
They have worked together on many projects over 24 years, from On the Hour through to Alan Partridge. At a Guardian Live event, Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci talked about how they write comedy and when to get seriousSC: When you’ve been writing for a long time you don’t mind having u... [Read More]