Kevin Bridges hits the gym: 'They're training for the apocalypse' – video
In a clip from his new live DVD, the Scottish comic sizes up the ‘new breed of man’ he meets down the gym and finds out why even fruit for breakfast is frowned upon. Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story is available on digital download now and is on DVD from 23 November.Warning: strong... [Read More]
Katy Wix: 'I’ve written women who swear and are allowed to be intelligent'
She plays the naive Daisy in Not Going Out and stars in sitcoms Together and Fried. But Katy Wix has also created dozens of her own comic characters, based on her friends and herselfYou’ve just published a second volume of comic monologues for women. How did the idea come about?I found that a ... [Read More]
Bassem Youssef says 'get stuffed' to those who claim the Arab spring failed
Satirist whose show took Egypt by storm says the seeds of subversive humour he helped plant will be nurtured by a generation who has grown up online The Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef jokes that his compatriots joined the Arab spring revolt not because they wanted justice or democracy, but out of ... [Read More]
Olivia Williams: 'I've never been cast as a silly little woman before'
Banned in 1907, but still sharply topical, a new production of Harley Granville Barker’s play Waste is opening at the National Theatre. Its star talks sex, idealism and backstage briefings from Neil KinnockA man too pure for politics given an unexpected leadership role. A Tory government draft... [Read More]
The top five things to do this week: Les Mason, Carl Barron, Future Classic
The graphic design pioneer’s retrospective launches in Melbourne, Carl Barron drinks with a fork in Darwin and Future Classic teams up with the MCALes Mason: Solo, in Melbourne Continue reading...... [Read More]
Sarah Franken review – smart, scabrous satire, if not jolly
Museum of Comedy, LondonIn this luridly populated show – her first after becoming a trans woman – Franken gives an intermittently persuasive vision of a culture in meltdownIf you’ve come expecting a confessional show about gender transition, Sarah Franken tells us, you’re in ... [Read More]
Michael McIntyre hits back at critics: 'I got more laughs, so they don't like it'
Britain’s highest-earning standup comedian says fellow comics who accuse him of playing safe are ‘doing everything except make people laugh’ Michael McIntyre, Britain’s highest-earning standup comedian, has hit back at fellow comics who have derided his work and criticised hi... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Spencer Jones Presents: The Herbert In Proper Job | Kevin Eldon | Andy Hamilton: Change ManagementYou might think that Corbynism is the most popular religion among stand-ups these days, but even more widespread is the devotion to the clowning workshops of Philippe Gaulier. Having inspired A-list typ... [Read More]
Alfie Brown review – a standup set of sly charm and self-doubt
Soho theatre, LondonBrown gives us a show of two halves, with endearing routines about early fatherhood leading to social commentaryWhat a change in Alfie Brown! Three years ago, he announced himself with a show full of passionate intensity, critiquing culture and the comedy industry. His fierceness... [Read More]
Stealing Bill Cosby's jokes: a standup's act of revenge or redemption?
Ellen DeGeneres writer Greg Fitzsimmons is using Cosby’s material in his own routines. It’s unclear if the aim is to punish the performer or just celebrate good jokes Given the allegations against Bill Cosby, can we ever enjoy his jokes again? Should other comedians tell them? And has he... [Read More]