The BC Q&A: Tess Rafferty, Emerson grad and Soup writer
Forty-nine weeks a year for the past six years, Tess Rafferty has been a writer on The Soup, making fun of television for Joel McHale and company. You’ll sometimes see her on camera on the show, or ... [Read More]
NY Underground Comedy Festival Adds West Coast Event, Accepting Submissions | Stage Time Magazine
The New York Underground Comedy Festival announced it will hold its annual event August 15-22 at various clubs and theaters throughout New York City, and will branch out west to add a three-day festival in Los Angeles in late October. [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama - Two-Headed Alien Goat | Comedy Central Insider
Which end of a two-headed goat is for puke and which is for diarrhea? Futurama has the answer.. This sketch comes from season six's third episode, entitled "Attack of the Killer App." [Read More]
"Big Lake" Comedy Central's Funny or Die multi-cam sitcom screened before a live audience | The Comic's Comic
Chris Gethard, Horatio Sanz presented an exclusive preview of their upcoming Comedy Central sitcom, Big Lake, that was more than just your basic sneak peek. For one thing, the audience last night at the UCB Theatre would be providing the live laugh track for two episodes that already were taped as a multi-camera sitcom (without an audience) at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City. [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama - Naked Zapp | Comedy Central Insider
Comedy Central Insider continues it's 'Countdown to Futurama' with a sketch of a naked animated space general. [Read More]
Christian comedians the Apostles of Comedy stand up for God | Kansas City Star
“One of the things we struggle with is to call it clean comedy,” says manager Lenny Sisselman. “It sounds like it is not going to be funny.” The culture has taken comedy entertainment “to a dark place,” he said. “Most people are amazed that these comedians can be that funny and clean. This is what we have tried to create, and we are very pleased with the comedians in the Apostles of Comedy.” [Read More]
Andy Kaufman lives on in Tony Clifton | la times
Tony Clifton lumbered into the vacant Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon, decked in his usual powder blue tuxedo shirt and sunglasses with a glass of Jack Daniels in one hand and a brunette lovely on each arm, spewing racist jokes and lewd asides. It was clear that pointed questions would get an interviewer absolutely nowhere. [Read More]
Mystery Team DVD Review |
"I suspect Mystery Team has a long shelf life ahead of it, not just because it features several promising young comedians "way back when," but because it's the kind of movie people are going to be discovering on DVD for years to come. It's that kind of movie -- the kind you find quoting to your friends and trying to convince other people to seek out. It's a special movie, and one it feels good to pass along." [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama - The Transcredible Exploits of Zapp Brannigan | Comedy Central Insider
Today's Countdown to Futurama item is an art card from season six, episode two, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela," touting the transcredible exploits of Zapp Brannigan. [Read More]