Stand-up comedy station hits terrestrial radio
When you hop in your car and turn up the radio (the old-school kind), do you ever feel like something’s missing? Maybe an all-stand-up-comedy station, for instance? Well, if you happen to live within broadcasting range of KFNY 1440 AM (Riverside, CA), fret no more. The radio station has become the first affiliate for 24/7 Comedy Radio.. [Read More]
Artie Lange has sober coach, attends family dinner in New York
For the first time since his attempted suicide in January, comedian Artie Lange was seen socializing, looking healthy and more fit. We hear from an insider that Lange showed up to a celebratory family dinner in Greenwich Village in New York City.. [Read More]
Philly Improv Festival Announces Sixth Annual Line-Up; Kicks Off New Month of Comedy
The three of the top forces in the local comedy scene have formed the Philadelphia Comedy Collective, and are set to present Comedy Month from November 1-21 at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom Street. This event marks the largest collection of comedy performances in the city outside of the annual Philly Fringe. The month will kick-off with the sixth annual Philadelphia Improv Festival. The festival runs from November 2-6 with multiple shows nightly. [Read More]
Making Movies About Comedians | The Comedy Nerds
Off some rumors about an upcoming John Belushi biopic, we discuss what other comics would make for a good movie and what actors should play them. Which comedians have an interesting life story that would make for a good movie? [Read More]
Breaking the Ice with Comic Tom Simmons
"Television uses a very sanitized version of stand-up — like Entertainment Tonight. A watered-down, say-nothing, push-very-few-buttons form. But the real answer is, I am taking a different path. Didn’t want to move to NY or LA so I could become an actor and auditioner for commercials. I just want to do stand-up on the road and be someone who in the future is recognized as being great at the craft....." [Read More]
Victory in the desert for World Series of Comedy winner Andrew Norelli | Shecky Magazine
Ladies and gentlemen: Your World Series of Comedy winner, Andrew Norelli (Pictured above). The winner gets 37 weeks of feature work at clubs from Providence to Pittsburgh, from Moorhead to Marco Island, from Sioux Falls to Sunnyvale. [Read More]
The BostonComedy Q&A: Maria Ciampa on comedy and yoga
Stand-up comedy and yoga may not seem like terribly complimentary concepts. One requires a bit of chaos, the other a peaceful center. But that’s not the way Maria Ciampa sees it. Ciampa is a stand-up and improv comedian and also a yoga instructor. Tomorrow night at 7PM at South Boston Yoga, she hosts her second Comedyoga event. The idea was to bring two of Ciampa’s favorite communities together, to find a few people that make her laugh, and see if they would make some of her other friends laugh,... [Read More]
Giveaway: The State - 'Comedy For Gracious Living' on CD | The Apiary
The Apiary has three copies of The State's lost recording called Comedy For Gracious Living, and we're doling them out to anyone who can follow rules. Win one! [Read More]
Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time | Punchline Magazine
Love him or loathe him, it’s hard to undermine the brilliant business savvy of one Nick Swardson. As an all-star comedian with a finger in nearly every piece of the industry pie (yes, I’d like to hope he’ll take that vaguely sexual syntax and run with it to the most depraved place possible), Swardson boasts an innate aptitude for selling himself on a wide scale level. He’s a performer and writer who knows his audience inside and out – a rare staple of the frat funny farm who can probe the esoter... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity: 'Daily Show' host's plans draw serious interest | la times
'The Daily Show' event is planned as a comical response to Glenn Beck's recent rally — but politically minded fans are taking it, and Stephen Colbert's 'March to Keep Fear Alive,' seriously. [Read More]