Kelly MacFarland Announced as Rooftop Comedy "Best Of The Fest"
We’d like to congratulate Kelly MacFarland for being voted “Best of the Fest” at the 2010 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.. [Read More]
Backstage At Sketchfest NYC 2010 | The Comedy Nerds
we did our best to capture as much of the magic as we could in our own fleeting way through the power of some microphones, a Macbook, and maybe a little something called The Power of Love (or maybe it was “I Want a New Drug”, it’s hard to remember). So sit back and listen to these interviews with sketch comedy powerhouses B.O.F., Two Man No Show, FUCT, Team Submarine, and Audience of Two and keep the spirit alive. [Read More]
Sketchfest NYC Day 3 -The Empire Laughs Back | The Comedy Nerds
Last night Sketchfest NYC came to end with a huge party of sketch, drinking and debauchery. We tried to stay sober enough to bring you a recap of all the great comedy. Groups included Dave & Ethan, Germans. Pangea 3000. Free Love Forum, Rue Brutaila, Elephant Larry and MURDERFIST. [Read More]
Philadelphia Comedy Collective forms to host comedy month | Punchline Magazine
The City of Brotherly Love just got a little more cozy, now that the Philadelphia Improv Festival, Philly Sketchfest, and the Philadelphia Joke Initiative have banded together to form the Philadelphia Comedy Collective. Their first act as a unified body will be Comedy Month, which will run November 1-21 at the Shakespeare Theatre. [Read More]
Sketchfest NYC Day 2 - The Reckoning (audio recap) | The Comedy Nerds
Sketchfest NYC continued last night and again it was packed houses and awesome shows. The groups included 2 Fun Men, New Excitement, 2-Man No Show, Long Pork, Fearsome, Last Call Cleveland, Dirty Jeans and Thunderchief, The always amazing Kimmy Gatewood and FUCT. [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins - You Should Have Told Me (review) | The A.V. Club
Yet on the whole, the set of "Paul F. Tompkins-based humor" (recorded last summer at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown Atlanta's Vortex bar) takes a subdued turn away from Impersonal and its 2009 follow-up, Freak Wharf. He sheds the impossibly smug jackass persona who recorded those two albums, leaves his amazing cartoon-gangland suits at the dry-cleaner, and works a small stage that doesn't give him much room to swagger. [Read More]
Sketchfest NYC 2010 Day 1 Round Up | The Comedy Nerds
Sketchfest NYC kicked off Thursday evening and we were there and apparently so was everyone else. The UCB Theatre was packed for every show and the groups delivered. [Read More]
Comedy Central Announces Roast of David Hasselhoff!
You might think a guy famous for driving a talking car, running on a beach in slow-motion, being Germany's most beloved pop-singer and drunkenly eating a hamburger would be difficult to make fun ... [Read More]