TJ Miller – The Extended Play E.P.
I’m not sure exactly how to review TJ Miller’s new album. I went in expecting a standup album and went three or four tracks before realizing I was going to have to revise my expectations. If you’re unfamiliar with TJ Miller, he̵... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Comedy Central’s “South Park” documentary
We’ve been hearing vague details about the upcoming South Park documentary for weeks. The name of the program hadn’t even been announced. But today, we’re pleased to tell you it’s called 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park. And it has an official... [Read More]
Kevin Smith taping live special “Burn in Hell” for EPIX
When Kevin Smith hits the stage tonight in Austin, the cameras will be rolling for a live taping to be aired on EPIX, the cross-platform entertainment company announced today, just hours before the filmmaker begins his performance. The show, titled B... [Read More]
Publishers Have High Hopes for Comedy Memoirs to Top Bestsellers List
The publishers of celebrity memoirs are getting ready for Super Thursday, a day so named because it offers the best chance for potential Christmas bestsellers to launch on the mass market. Strong contenders for 2011 include quite a few autobiographie... [Read More]
The New Fall Comedies – What Worked & What Hurt Our Souls
In this week’s episode we get all up in the new fall comedies.  You’ve seen them promoted to the point your eyes started to bleed (except for Free Agents – see you didn’t even know that was a show did you?).  We watched them a... [Read More]
NYTVF / Comedy Central Comedy Script Contest
The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) and Comedy Central are seeking original comedic short pilots and accompanying shooting scripts from independent artists and production companies. The top submissions will be reviewed by the network and the winning producer will receive a $7,500 development deal with Comedy Central. [Read More]
Our newest album release, “Escape from Halcatraz”, by Hal Sparks has been reviewed by Ed Placencia over at Comedy Reviews. Here’s a teaser: If Bobby Slayton is “The Pitbull of Comedy” then I think it’s fair to call Hal Sparks “The ... [Read More]
Three new videos from Weird Al: “Polka Face,” “Party in the CIA” & “Canadian Idiot”
The hourlong "Weird" Al Yankovic special is coming around the corner when she comes, which is this Saturday, Oct. 1, on Comedy Central. “Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour is his first TV special since 1999?!? So roll out the barrels of ... [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker receive the 60 Minutes profile treatment
Just in time for new episodes of the 15th anniversary of South Park, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker received the full-on profile by 60 Minutes. Here's the segment that aired Sunday night on CBS. If you prefer reading, then you can read the 60 M... [Read More]
World Series of Comedy Winners / Wrapup
The winner is in the middle. It’s Ryan Dalton standing behind the “won’t fit in the overhead compartment”-sized trophy. On his right (our left) is Landry, who came in second in the balloting. On his left (our right) is Dave Williamson, who came in third. [Read More]