The Unfair Marginalization of Janeane Garofalo
by Justin Gray Before we start, let me say that I know there are many that will take issue with Janeane Garofalo’s inclusion in this series and understandably so. She is, after all, one of the architects of the so-called “alternative comedy” movement and despite a lower profile com... [Read More]
Addicted To Comedy: How to be a Writer Who Writes – The Greg Miller Interview
Have you ever had problems with a writing project? Maybe your goal is to publish a book, write a screenplay, or submit a sitcom pilot to your favorite competition? The biggest problem I encountered as a comedy writer was not having enough time to write. Or so I thought. I discovered "How to be a Wri... [Read More]
The Sneaky Smarts of Russell Brand
by Justin Gray Russell Brand is one of those comedians who, despite selling out theaters all over the world and starring in several films throughout the past decade, I have simply not paid much attention to. Perhaps it's due to my American-centric worldview, but Brand never quite jumped on my radar ... [Read More]
Judd Apatow and Amy Poehler's 'Sick in the Head' Pilot Was a Real, Funny Thing
by Roger Cormier "I am in New York writing a pilot for the Fox network called Sick in the Head. It's about a very young therapist with no life experience. The president of Fox, Peter Roth, is a great guy. He loves the show. Got a call from my old friend Paul Feig today. He said he wrote a television... [Read More]
The Urban Erma: Flashback: Def Comedy Jam
This is indeed terribly ironic since a new booker recently told me that he could no longer use me for his gigs because I was known as “an intelligent comic” and he didn’t think this was a good fit for his audience. This is despite the fact that I’ve been performing with great... [Read More]
The Urban Erma: Hey, Four Eyes!
I started wearing glasses at the age of three. I hated them so much I would take them off and hide them in my mom’s clothes dryer; a front-loader that was the perfect height for a disgruntled toddler. When I did wear my glasses, I never cleaned them. Unable to see through the filthy lenses, th... [Read More]
The Urban Erma: Going Green and Seeing Red
This has probably happened to you too. In fact, I know it has. I stuck my hands underneath the automatic faucet in a public bathroom. It’s automatic now because we can’t be trusted on our ownsome to turn on the water, run it at the right speed and temperature, and then turn it off. I&rsq... [Read More]
The Urban Erma: The High-Tech Huxtables
Here’s a 21st century Norman Rockwell moment for you: I was sitting on the couch in between my parents: me with an iPhone, my mom with an iPad, and my dad with an iPod. How I wish I’d gotten a picture of this. What a holiday card that would’ve made. We looked like the high-tech Hux... [Read More]
Addicted To Comedy: Some Auditions Are Not Worth It
The return of the television show BET's Comic View continues to generate buzz, but I don't understand why...I wasn’t the only person who realized something was odd with the announcement of Comic View. Someone created an account on Twitter @ComicviewIsBack to lampoon the Comic View submission p... [Read More]