The Collected Wisdom of Frank Abagnale, Sr., by Matt Crowley
by Brian Boone, Editor Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse struggled so hard that eventually he turned that cream into butter. He ate all the butter and fought a painful, protracted battle with heart disease for the rest of his lif... [Read More]
David Spade confirms Joe Dirt 2 sequel is happening in Reddit AMA
David Spade revealed that a Joe Dirt sequel is going to happen…eventually. The Saturday Night Live alum did an AMA on Reddit on Wednesday and many fans barraged him with praise for his critically-hated 2001 comedy. During the AMA, Spade revealed that he and Wolf are trying to secure financing... [Read More]
Craig Gass: That’s What He Said
It is said in comedy, a comic spends the beginning of their career finding their voice.  For stand up comedian Craig Gass, it took those early years to find multiple voices.  The dynamic impressionist has been wowing audiences for years with his spot on impressions of celebrities such as A... [Read More]
My Favorite Sketch: Doug Smith ‘The Continental’ from Saturday Night Live
Comedian Doug Smith takes us back to the beginning of 2000 with his favorite sketch. An SNL recurring bit that stars Christopher Walken as a creepy man trying his best to lure women into his apartment with the promise of Champaign. To Smith, this sketch takes on an entirely new meaning when his 4 ye... [Read More]
Comedian Kevin Pollak’s ‘How I Slept My Way to The Middle’
Kevin Pollak’s debut book How I Slept My Way to The Middle adds “bestselling author” to his  already impressive list of achievements. Pollak is a comedian (performing on seemingly non-stop tours in comedy clubs throughout the country), an impressioni... [Read More]
Christopher Walken Will Play Zeus in Modern Day Comedy Gods Behaving Badly
Edie Falco will soon be channeling the Greek goddess Artemis in the big screen adaptation of Brit lit bestseller Gods Behaving Badly. Also on board, fleshing out what I’m predicting to be the strangest casting blitz we’ll see all week: Phylicia Rashad as Demeter! John Turturro as Hades! Sharon Stone as Aphrodite! Christopher Walken as Zeus! [Read More]