Carlos Mencia Addresses Joke Stealing Accusations, Talks about New Comedy Central Special
Comedian Carlos Mencia has been working hard lately, losing over 70 pounds and perfecting new material for his upcoming Comedy Central special, “Carlos Mencia: New Territory.” Mencia chatted recently with the New York Times about his life... [Read More]
Where Will Carlos Mencia Pop Up for Some Stand-Up?
All the best things in life pop up: books, weasels, Internet ads containing viruses. All of those things are great! But my favorite thing that pops up has to be stand-up. "WHAAAA?" you might say as you spit your coffee onto your computer, &... [Read More]
Carlos Mencia addresses weight loss onstage: I don’t have AIDS, he jokes
Believe it or not, Carlos Mencia is the 17th of 18 children, and was born in Honduras. As an infant he was sent to the US to be raised by an aunt and uncle in the Maravilla Projects in Los Angeles,” but went back to Honduras as a teenager to ge... [Read More]
Carlos Mencia filming new special for Comedy Central, says he needed a break from comedy
In an interview posted this morning, Carlos Mencia says he took a break from touring the last three years because “nothing was funny” to him. “I was 22 years into it and needed to step away..." [Read More]
Is There Ever a Justification for Joke Stealing? | SplitSider
"..when we hear a joke that we’ve heard before, our first instinct should not be to demonize and brand someone a plagiarist. Instead, we should accept that until we know all the facts, we can never know what is going on inside a comedian’s mind, and that although it’s easy to assume the worst in people, the idea that two people might have the same idea is a much more powerful and inspiring possibility." [Read More]
Carlos Mencia opens Mexican restaurant
Heading to Galveston, TX any time soon? If so, you could be one of the first customers at Maggie Rita’s Mexican Grill and Bar, the newest eatery opened by comedian Carlos Mencia. This is the third r... [Read More]
Comedians police themselves when it comes to joke stealing, study says
What happens when a comedian steals a joke? In most industries, creative material is effectively policed by Intellectual Property (IP) laws, putting a type of copyright on original material. However, ... [Read More]
Carlos Mencia lets his guard down on Marc Maron's WTFpod: "I don't want to be that person anymore."
If you haven't listened to Marc Maron's interview with Carlos Mencia that went online on Monday on Maron's WTF podcast, then you can just skip ahead to today's second part, because... [Read More]
The Vigilantes of Comedy - intellectual property experts on Joe Rogan v. Carlos Mencia | NY Times
Kal Raustiala, a Professor at UCLA Law School and the UCLA International Institute, and Chris Sprigman, a Professor at the University of Virginia Law School, are counterfeiting and intellectual property experts. They have been guest-blogging for us about copyright issues; this week they write about an alternative method of enforcing intellectual property rights. [Read More]
ABC buys Carlos Mencia and Cedric the Entertainer sitcom pitches | Reuters
With the broadcast networks already in a pilot-pickup mode, comedy pitches fronted by Carlos Mencia and Cedric the Entertainer have scored last-minute sales at ABC. The Mencia sitcom, based on his life and stand-up act, centers on a man in the middle of his very large multigenerational immigrant family. The Cedric comedy will feature the comedian as a retired baseball player-turned-radio host forced to re-evaluate the type of father he has been when his son and 6-year-old granddaughter re-enter ... [Read More]