Bill Burr was on Letterman last night; let’s watch!
Bill Burr, for the last few years, has seemingly become many comedy fans’ favorite comic. And talk to a well-respected comedian about who they think is doing well and they’ll no doubt say ... [Read More]
Joan Rivers to Letterman: I was exiled from late night television
Here’s a little Late Night television history lesson. There once was a man named Johnny Carson; he was the host of The Tonight Show. Joan Rivers was good buddies with him, and was his official fill-... [Read More]
Justin Halpern's 'Shit My Dad Says' - First Came the Tweets, and Then the CBS Sitcom | NY Times
The book is to have its debut at No. 8 on the New York Times best-seller list this weekend, and the show is to be formally announced by CBS on Wednesday. Thanks to his dad’s rude witticisms, Justin Halpern is now a best-selling author and a co-creator of a network sitcom. [Read More]
Conan O’Brien Will Appear on ‘60 Minutes’ on Sunday | NY Times
The piece Sunday night, reported by the correspondent Steve Kroft, will include highlights from Mr. O’Brien’s current stage tour. But it will center on the comic’s comments about the fractious events surrounding his decision to leave NBC rather than accept having his show pushed back a half-hour to make room for Jay Leno to return to late-night television. [Read More]
David Letterman Blackmailer Pleads Guilty | NPR
The TV producer who threatened to go public with embarrassing details about late-night superstar David Letterman's personal life, pleaded guilty Tuesday in exchange for a significantly shorter time behind bars. Robert Joe Halderman, a 52-year old former CBS News producer, pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny. In return, prosecutors agreed to a six-month jail term and 1,000 hours of community service. [Read More]
Big Trouble at 11:35 - Behind the David Letterman sex scandal | Vanity Fair
Even before 48 Hours Mystery producer Joe Halderman allegedly caught David Letterman kissing his girlfriend, Late Show staffer Stephanie Birkitt, the cash-strapped veteran newsman and the multi-millionaire entertainment star were on a collision course. In the wake of Letterman’s stunning on-air confession of sex with employees, and as Halderman prepares to stand trial for attempted grand larceny, the author tracks the converging emotional sides of the explosive triangle—Birkitt’s ambition, Halde... [Read More]
Tearing up the rule book - Stephen Fry on last night's unusual Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson | Chortle
Scottish-born comic Craig Ferguson threw out the chat show rulebook last night, but hosting a programme with just one guest – Stephen Fry – and no studio audience. The move was daring for America’s late-night programming, but the critic at the influential Entertainment Weekly called the special edition of Ferguson’s Late Late Show ‘one of the best hours I’ve seen in a while’. [Read More]
William Shatner in CBS pilot for 'Shit My Dad Says' | THR
Twitter sensation Shit My Dad Says is becoming a TV pilot with William Shatner set to play the larger-than-life dad at the center of it. The casting of Shatner lifts the contingency on CBS' multicamera family comedy project based on the Twitter account, which has enlisted more than 1.16 million followers since launching in August and has made its creator, Justin Halpern, an Internet star. [Read More]
CBS chief says Jay Leno mess has 'bruised' TV industry | Los Angeles Times
With the entertainment industry transfixed by the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien mess, CBS programming chief Nina Tassler said NBC's handling of its talk show hosts has hurt the TV industry.. backing off big-budget dramas has meant many Hollywood professionals lost jobs. "The unfortunate thing is that our creative community was to some degree somewhat bruised by this," Tassler told reporters. "A lot of people were put out of work." [Read More]
CBS Sunday Morning spotlights Second City at 50 | the comic's comic
CBS Sunday Morning profiled The Second City in honor of its 50th anniversary. The venerable Chicago comedy institution hosts a huge celebration Dec. 11-13. [Read More]