Conan, CBS & Aussie comic Rebel Wilson Plan a Super Fun Night | Vulture
Aussie comic Rebel Wilson and Conan O'Brien are getting into business together on a half-hour comedy at CBS that, on paper at least, appears to be one of the development season's hottest projects. The Eye has picked up a pilot for Super Fun Night, a multi-camera sitcom written by Wilson and produced by O'Brien's Conaco which will feature the Australian comic as one of three geeky female pals who challenge themselves to have, yes, "super fun" each Friday night. [Read More]
CBS Greenlights Comedy From 'The Muppets' Scribe Nick Stoller | THR
In keeping with the Two Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother comic sensibility, the project has been described as a twenty-something ensemble comedy about a guy who gets his heart broken by his girlfriend and now has to work one cubicle away from her at an ad agency. [Read More]
Comedian Kathy Griffin Undresses in Front of David Letterman (Video)
One thing we’ve learned from comedian Kathy Griffin over the years is she’s not shy, whether its vajazzling her vajay or stripping next to Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve. Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, after wa... [Read More]
CBS inks sitcom deals with Melissa McCarthy, Martin Lawrence, Nick Stoller
It seems CBS is on a shopping spree for comedy pilots. This comes on the heels of the nominal success of the series premiere of Rob Schneider’s new project ¡Rob!. The broadcast network bought two sitcom deals a piece for Martin Lawrence and Mik... [Read More]
Melissa McCarthy Sells Another Comedy Project to CBS Network
Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy hasn’t even gathered dust yet, but she is already busy turning more projects into gold. She is a hot commodity these days and Hollywood is not going to ignore that fact. The Mike & Molly network has bought a ha... [Read More]
Martin Lawrence to Star in New Sitcom on CBS
Comedian Martin Lawrence has had a successful movie and television career over the past two decades. From In Living Color to Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, the talented sharp minded actor knows how to keep audiences entertained. Now CBS has agreed to broa... [Read More]
Will you give Rob Schneider’s new sitcom a chance?
A lot has been said – mostly negative – about Rob Schneider’s new sitcom Rob!, which premieres tonight at 8:30 pm ET on CBS. If you didn’t know, the show centers around Schneider’s character who is recently married to a young, tall, insanely gorgeou... [Read More]
A conversation between two network TV executives before green-lighting “Work It” and “¡Rob!”
Midseason TV begins in earnest this week, although it's difficult to use the word "earnest" when the big four networks are subjecting us to blights upon humanity such as Work It and ¡Rob! How could these shows make it past the initial pitch meeting, ... [Read More]