NBC's Jay Leno not feeling all the love | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times
ABC and CBS have asked their stars not to appear on Leno's new 10 p.m. show because they don't want to take the chance of stealing viewers from their own networks that air expensive dramas in the 10 p.m. slot. [Read More]
Under Conan O'Brien, "Tonight Show" Audience Grows Younger | NYTimes
In Mr. O'Brien's first month as host, the median age of "Tonight Show" viewers has fallen by a decade — to 45 from 55, a startling shift in such a short time. This audience composition means advertisers can now address almost exclusively young viewers on "Tonight," and NBC is already contemplating a shift in how it sells the show. [Read More]
David Letterman, CBS close to deal for 3 more years | Reuters
David Letterman is near a deal to continue reading Top 10 lists on CBS for another three years. The network is about to re-sign the Emmy-winning talk-show personality to continue hosting "Late Show" until 2011-12, sources said. The agreement will represent a two-year extension on his current contract, which expires in 2010. [Read More]
"Heckle U" with Owen Benjamin and Kirk Fox
CBS has debuted its online series, Heckle U, as the first night of March Madness opens. The series stars stand-ups Owen Benjamin and Kirk Fox as the kings of heckling. Benjamin's character, Chance, acknowledges that he "was raised by a dive bar." [Read More]
Adam Carolla gets new comedy series on CBS
Adam Carolla will have a comedy on CBS. Variety reports that Jimmy Kimmel's Jackhole production banner, BermanBraun and CBS Paramount Network Television are collaborating with Carolla and his new series, "Ace in the Hole." Carolla reportedly will star as a family man who works as a driving instructor. He and Kevin Hench penned the pilot. [Read More]
Adam Carolla Fired From CBS Radio
Adam Carolla, host of one of LA's most popular radio talk shows, is out of a job. CBS Radio is pulling the plug on "The Adam Carolla Show" - Friday is the shows last day. [Read More]
CBS and David Letterman Discussing New Deal
CBS and David Letterman have begun discussing a new deal to keep the Late Show host on the network beyond 2010, according to sources with knowledge of the early talks. The two sides are striking up talks as the 11:30 timeslot is about to undergo a sea change with Conan O'Brien taking over The Tonight Show and Jay Leno deciding not to jump to ABC and compete for those viewers. [Read More]
Bill Hicks Recounts Letterman Censorship
On February 26, 1994, Bill Hicks, the last truly great comic genius of the 20th century, died of pancreatic cancer. His death as a comedian happened less than five months before, when his act was cut from the David Letterman show. What follows is a reprint of what happened, with a transcript of the censored act itself. "I did what I've always done - performed material in a comedic way, which I thought was funny. The artist always plays to himself, and I believe the audience, seeing that one per... [Read More]