51st Annual Grammy Award nominations (comedy)
For the 51st annual Grammy Awards, the Recording Academy went with a live, primetime announcement/mini-concert. But you want to know who got nominated, don't you? While putting American Idol's star judge Simon Cowell up for Record of the Year (he produced "Bleeding Love" for Leona Lewis along with Clive Davis and Ryan "Alias" Tedder) certainly contains some comedic value because you wonder if he'll show up in a tight black V-neck or a tight black tuxedo, we do have some other actual comedy honor... [Read More]
Alan Carr sorry for Karen Matthews remark
Comedian Alan Carr has apologised for dedicating an award to Karen Matthews, who kidnapped her daughter Shannon. Government minister Shahid Malik, called him "sick and insensitive" after he made the remark to reporters at Saturday's British Comedy Awards. Carr said Matthews, who is from Mr Malik's constituency, was "rough", a gay icon and would be his dream guest. The comedian later said: "I realise what I said was insensitive and I am very sorry for any offence caused." Junior justice minis... [Read More]
Jonathan Ross and the British Comedy Awards: wot no Woss?
The one ceremony where the rules of deceit are suspended is the British Comedy Awards. Probably because the whole event is riddled with comedians, whose life is devoted to sarcasm, satire and denigration, the comedy awards are not so much a celebration of British comedy as a bile-stuffed hate fest. It’s hard to think of an event where manners are so quickly left at the door; even the Murderer of the Year Awards need to cling to some shred of politeness just to avoid a bloodbath, but in co... [Read More]