Second ‘Lonely Island’ album to debut next year
The Lonely Island members, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer, knew exactly how to make the audience laugh with their songs and videos in their debut album, “Incredibad”. They have had famous guests such as Justin Timberlake, Jack Black, Natalie Portman, and Julian Casablancas. Their new single, “I Just Had Sex,” featuring Akon is just a glimpse of what their new album will have in store for next year. [Read More]
SNL #36.6 RECAP: Host Scarlett Johansson, musical guest Arcade Fire
Why does this season of Saturday Night Live feel like it's just missing a certain something? Or is it a certain someone? Cannot put my finger on it. Each week this fall, critics have pointed fingers at the show, claiming it lifted a sketch premi... [Read More]
SNL #36.3 RECAP: Host Jane Lynch, musical guest Bruno Mars
Some people like to analyze Saturday Night Live so much that they forget that, for casual viewers young and old, it's just an entertaining way to wrap up a Saturday night at home in front of the television. [Read More]
SNL cast and Lorne Michaels to appear on Larry King Live Friday
This week's host Amy Poehler, cast members Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg and head honcho Lorne Michaels will all appear on Larry King Live on Friday. The show airs at 9ET/6PT on CNN. [Read More]
Lexus enlists Tracy Morgan, Andy Samberg, more to promote living green, new hybrid car
This summer, three comedians (and one singer) in four cities will moderate environmental debates in Lexus’s newest promotion, “The Darker Side of Green.” After the success of the initial debate ... [Read More]
Betty White's SNL all-star dress rehearsal cuts: Debbie Downer, Bronx Beat, Joyologist, car bomber | The Comic's Comic
With so many former cast members of Saturday Night Live returning to help out guest host Betty White, we knew we were in for a lot of reunions with old characters. And we were, but a few didn't make the final cut after last night's SNL dress rehearsal, including Rachel Dratch's "Debbie Downer," a new "Bronx Beat" with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, a "Joyologist" session with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, and a slightly misguided "press conference" for the failed Times Square car bomber Faisal ... [Read More]
Andy Samberg keeps his comedy short in 'SNL' videos | USATODAY
On Sunday, Andy Samberg hosts a prime-time compilation of SNL shorts, including such classics as Mr. Bill, on Saturday Night Live Just Shorts (9 ET/PT). And later this month, he'll host the MTV Movie Awards (May 31, 9 ET/PT). [Read More]
Andy Samberg dishes on Justin Timberlake and their latest 'SNL' short, 'Motherlover'
The screams from Saturday Night Live's studio audience began as soon as Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's R&B Casanova characters appeared right after these words -- "An SNL Digital Short" -- flashed on screen. The ridiculous pair threw their wrapping-covered boxes (from the famous "D--- in a Box" digital short, which launched Timberlake and Samberg's comedy duo back in December 2006) in the trash and, in honor of Mother's Day, launched into a faux-music video for "Motherlover," an ode to eac... [Read More]
Andy Samberg hosts special on SNL short films
Sometimes the memorable moments on "Saturday Night Live' aren't live. From Mr. Bill to "Lazy Sunday," the late-night show has occasionally presented short films, and is collecting many of the best for a two-hour prime-time special airing May 17 at 9 p.m. EDT. Andy Samberg is the host. For a program that has sliced and diced material for all manner of prime-time compilations, it's the first time one is being devoted specifically to the short films. [Read More]
Andy Samberg to host MTV Movie Awards
It's that time of year again -the MTV Movie Awards - and SNL comic, Andy Samberg, has snagged the role of host! Andy is another funnyman added to the line of comedians that have preceded him. Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy, among others have all hosted MTV's annual movie award show. [Read More]