12-year-old Josh Orlian’s audition for America’s Got Talent
Sometimes you think you know what you're doing with your career, when all you really needed to do was stick with the dick jokes you first learned when you were 12. This is Josh Orlian, a nice 12-year-old Jewish boy from White Plains, N.Y., who said his all-time favorite TV show is America's Got Tale... [Read More]
Rachel Butera’s audition for America’s Got Talent 2014
Rachel Butera is having a pretty good year. Butera, 42, moved from New Jersey to Hollywood a few years ago, as she recounts in her audition footage for this season of America's Got Talent. You may have heard her voice on Howard Stern's show -- and Stern recused himself from voting last night during ... [Read More]
Jodi Miller’s audition for America’s Got Talent 2014
Jodi Miller got her big break on Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent on NBC. Miller, who has a weekly gig as a co-host at The Comedy Store's Belly Room on Thursday nights, told AGT she continues to deliver groceries to pay the bills. No more day job for her after this? That's what judge Howie ... [Read More]
Taylor Williamson finishes runner-up on America’s Got Talent 2013, goes Inside The Actor’s Studio live with James Lipton
For the second straight year, a stand-up comedian has finished second on America's Got Talent. Taylor Williamson didn't think he would win, jokingly or not, and his prediction proved true last night live on NBC, as dancer Kenichi Ebina won the $1 million prize and headlining show in Las Vegas (along... [Read More]
Taylor Williamson’s finale performances on America’s Got Talent 2013
We'll find out tonight on NBC if Taylor Williamson won the $1 million grand prize and Vegas show on the 2013 edition of America's Got Talent. But first, let's take another look at Williamson's stand-up comedy performances on last night's live show from Radio City Music Hall as part of the final six ... [Read More]
AGT finalist Taylor Williamson reflects on how Taylords already have made his dreams come true on NBC’s America’s Got Talent
Taylor Williamson modified his Twitter bio @TaylorComedy this summer to read: “I’m going to lose on America’s Got Talent.” A few months later, summer ends this week, and Williamson finds himself in the final six on NBC’s “AGT” – performing live tonight... [Read More]
John Wing’s semifinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2013
Could John Wing join Taylor Williamson and make for two stand-up comedians in the finals for the 2013 season of America's Got Talent? For his live semifinal performance Tuesday night on NBC, Wing focused his performance on his wife and the power dynamic she exerts over him -- and by extension, wives... [Read More]
Tom Cotter returns to America’s Got Talent for an encore in 2013
Stand-up comedian Tom Cotter returned last night to America's Got Talent for an encore performance. Cotter had finished runner-up in the summer 2012 season on NBC. "If you didn't watch the show last year, let me give you a brief synopsis. I lost to a dog act in front of 19 million people," Cotter jo... [Read More]
Jim Meskimen’s quarterfinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2013
For his quarterfinal appearance/performance on America's Got Talent, Jim Meskimen took a page out of 2012 runner up Tom Cotter's playbook and invited the judges and the audience into his act -- asking them to help decide which jokes he'd tell. In Meskimen's case, as a celebrity impersonator, he put ... [Read More]
Angela Hoover’s quarterfinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2013
For her quarterfinal performance last night on America's Got Talent, Angela Hoover decided to use her 90 seconds of stage time to poke fun at the judges -- impersonating both Mel B. and Heidi Klum -- a tactic which served her well with those two. Howard Stern, on the other hand, didn't feel Hoover d... [Read More]